13 Marriage Issues That Sensible Couples Overcome Easily, And They Are Worth Paying Attention To

5You get annoyed by the habits of your partner

Months after getting accustomed in living with your partner, you can get annoyed by each other’s habits. Many couples have this problem which has been proven by psychologists but this doesn’t mean the end of your love. It can be surprising to know that the habits which made you like your partner might be the very same ones you start to dislike such as the love for sports, popularity among friends, passion for reading, etc.


You should accept these habits and believe that it is these habits which make him or her unique. It is because of these habits that made you fall in love with that person. You should start paying attention to your work and friends if you often get irritated by minor things, this method will let you miss your partner.

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6Forgetting about important dates

You can sometimes feel sad by your partner’s habit of forgetting as it can be perceived as a personal insult at times. Important days like your favorite granny’s birthday, your first kiss, etc. the work-overload or absentminded-ness can make perfect couples also forget about important dates. Another reason can be that the relationship is more important than the dates marked on the calendar.

You should give reminders about important events and dates in your family’s life to your partner. This can help you avoid shame and disappointment for the absent-mindedness of your partner.


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7You’re bored

The way we imagine the first year of marriage as a magical honeymoon, isn’t actually how it really is. The romantic evenings, flirty conversations, flowers, etc decreases after a certain period and your partner gets accustomed to a daily boring routine. The lack of experience and high expectation can explain their disappointment. Such changes in relationships can be coped with most couples.


Those who are newly in love have different priorities in comparison to married people like common household, children, mortgages, etc. This is the reason couples have to discuss about romantic dates and other bright events before arranging. Psychologists say that family life is about sticking to a schedule and distributing duties between each other. You should keep the spark in your relationship alive by making plans for romantic meetings, movies, dates, etc.

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8You are together 24/7 and it’s annoying

You can shape common interest with your partner as well as strengthen the relationship by spending most of your free time together. After a couple of years, some couples get irritated by this lifestyle.

Each partner should have their own set of hobbies which should be different from one another. If you spend your weekend without your partner, this wouldn’t be bad for your relationship, in fact, it only makes the bond stronger.


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