A man proposes to his girlfriend in an epic way after becoming a father

Marriage proposal is something that has to be unique and spectacular. People tend to propose in two ways; either they go big and spend big bucks on proposals, while some of them do it in peace and also cleverly. Both kinds of proposals become memorable when the other half says yes and then starts a new life for both individuals.


In the story that we are going to tell you here, a man brilliantly plans his wedding proposal to his girlfriend who also recently became the mother to his child. Check out for the proposal video on th last page.

1 An adorable couple

Chad McDevitt and his girlfriend were dating for a long time and were committed to each other for forever. The couple was about to welcome their first child into the world. After the labor and childbirth, the mother was sedated in order to help her recuperate from the tiring job of giving birth to her new born daughter. The baby was also taken away to be kept in a 24 hour inspection under the nurses so that she be administered the required care that it needed after birth.

The couple

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2 The sweetest proposal

The next day the whole family and Chad were there in order to celebrate the birth of their daughter. The nurse brought in the daughter and handed her to Chad who gently put the daughter into the arms of his girlfriend. He then asked her to slowly remove the cloth in which the baby was wrapped. Unsuspectingly, when the mother did so, she found that her daughter was wearing an onesie saying “Mommy, will you marry daddy?” There was also a diamond ring attached to the message, which McDevitt took and went down on one knee and asked her girlfriend to marry her.


Watch the video to see this magical moment.


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