12 Major Issues That Exist in Relationships Today

9Jealousy caused by social media

Social media and smartphone apps play a huge negative role where infidelity is concerned especially when we see our partners liking and chatting with an unknown person. This can be upsetting and then jealousy starts to creep in when the unknown pension’s company becomes preferred to you. There is also the fear of being betrayed but the thing to do here is not to read so much into such things online because one needs to be sure that their partner is truly cheating before acting as if they are.


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10Talking about exes

An ex was also a part of our partner’s lives and that is one thing we should remember so sooner or later one will come across the profile of an ex in social media and that might trigger a conversation about them. But then again, some people may find themselves constantly discussing their exes which might mean that they aren’t exactly over them. Talking about your ex sometimes is ok, but not all the time and never compare your present partner to your ex.


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11Distorted picture of love

Again it is social media that has contributed to the dramatization of people’s lives and the exaggeration of love displays in relationships. People post distorted images and posts of their love and themselves. This places a lot of pressure on people to live up to the drama that they have created online and also to keep up with others too. People start to think that you should get into a relationship only if it’s perfect.


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12Constant pursuit of excitement

Life isn’t a movie but unfortunately many people today cannot recognize the line between celluloid and reality and thin that love is one never-ending roller carousel of courtship and intense moments much like they see in the movies. That movie is packed into a two-hour dramatization of a story written to play to your senses and reality is different. Maybe the start of a relationship does have its euphoric moments but as a relationship gets older and calm and stability sets in, one should not always expect it to be as intense and exciting as before.


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