12 Major Issues That Exist in Relationships Today

5Meddling relatives

This is one of the worst problems affecting relationships and by relatives, it also means in-laws. Some people who find it hard t make decisions in relationship problems involve relatives or their parents who take it as an open opportunity to side with their own child against her partner even if she might be wrong. Such people of given authority to influence a relationship between two adults do nothing except make things worse. People need to understand that parents, relative and friends don’t know your partner as well as you does so it is better to make your own mistakes rather than allow someone else to help you make them.


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6Going too public on social media

There are some people who put too much of their personal lives and relationships on social media, often targeting their partner’s mistakes on such platforms like Facebook. This is insulting to say the least. In the same way, posts that exaggerate a relationship makes one start having unrealistic expectations of a partner to keep up the drama of their social profiles. Uploading hundreds of photos also means that the relationship is devoid of intimacy. Never feel envious of others by seeing their social media statuses because you never know what they may be hiding behind the scenes.


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7The habit of being manipulative

Most people are too scared of being hurt in relationships and hide their real emotions and don’t show them. We keep trying to create text message or fake responses that mask our true feelings so that our partner doesn’t know what or how we think about them. This creates an unseen rift and turns off our partners making things more complicated. Being truthful about our intentions and feelings is much better than hiding them.


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8Lack of courage to embrace conflict

The age of smartphones, we circulate infinite number of messages but such messages leave the real issues out which is why confrontations happen. What people try to do nowadays is to distance themselves from their partners just to avoid having to talk things out risking an end to the relationship.


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