12 Major Issues That Exist in Relationships Today

Marriages aren’t always made in heaven and you need to work on a relationship to make it a success. The problem is that in many cases marriages and relationships fail because of the wrong assumption and misinterpretation of a partner’s words and deeds. The age of social media isn’t as cool as people thought it to be because it negatively impacts the thought process of many people. That and the easy range of dating choices, easy friendship with strangers and casual flings all make today’s relationships hang on thin threads. Here are the 12 basic but important issues that plague most couples that need to be addressed today.


1 Spending too much time together

Making someone feel as they are the center of your universe to the point of forgetting your own needs is just as bad as spending too much time together. Ultimately it can get stale and boring. Moreover, always messaging your partner just because you don’t want to feel alone can be claustrophobic for the other person. You need to give each other space especially when you find irritation and boredom setting in as this can create a lot of strain on the relationship.

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2Texting misunderstandings

Communication is important and non-verbal communication can sometimes convey your feelings and emotions better than conventional communication.

However, just as it can be good, it can be bad too especially when interpreted wrongly. The intentions behind a single emoji or messages can easily be interpreted wrongly. Real issues should not be discussed through messages but rather by a face to face chat. Don’t let your partner guess what you are trying to say because your facial expressions conveying a message in person is also important and helps your partner to read you correctly.


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3Always looking for ’the right’ partner

The infinite number of chat forums, social media and dating platforms induce a type of thinking that a potential better partner is always and easily available and that your current partner may not be right for you. People start to think that the right one is till out there waiting for them and so they continue to seek them through the internet. Psychologists say that such energy should be redirected by acting as the partner that you want for yourself and maybe your partner will turn into someone you always wanted.


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4Fear of making decisions

Avoiding heavy and deep conversations is something that many people try to avoid. Crucial issues and problems requiring decisions should be talked about and discussed rather than constantly avoiding the responsibility of the issue at large. Many couples instead stop even responding to such conversations and ultimately there comes a time when lovers may find themselves helpless in a problem that becomes hard to solve.


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