10 Cruel Love Laws That We Just Cannot Avoid to Remain Together

4You won’t always be in agreement

Sooner or later there will come a time when you both won’t be on the same side. You may make all the decisions unanimously at the beginning of the relationship, but later there will be times when the two of you will be on opposing sides on a matter of principle. These kinds of love laws are unavoidable. However, you should always remain calm and not get angry with your soul mate. Try to find a solution to this situation together.

Always be in agreement

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5You will end up hurting each other

The love laws dictate that you will end up hurting each other because it is a fact that nobody can hurt you more than the person you love. This is because you tend to take their harsh words and actions to heart more than anybody else’s. Your partner can also hit you where it hurts the most in the midst of a fight. Hurting each other is inevitable. But, it’s important to deal with the problems immediately after and sort out things between the two of you before it’s too late.

You will end up hurting each other

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6There will be some boring times as well

The thought of an ideal couple that does everything together is nothing but a dream which is far from reality. Sometimes it might seem more interesting to spend some time with your friends instead of being together all the time with your spouse.


Spending time differently or even with other people doesn’t mean that there is a distance between you. You need to rest and refresh separately every now and then so that you can have fun together again, later.

There will be some boring times as well

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7Having strange thoughts

Even the happiest couples can have strange thoughts from time to time. Thoughts like- “Could I have been happier with someone else?”; “Should I get divorced?” These kinds of thoughts flow through a person’s mind usually at night or when they are alone. Sometimes love laws can make no sense at all, but these kinds of thoughts can be as significant as thoughts like- “How would my life have turned out if I was born in France?”

Having strange thoughts

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