10 Cruel Love Laws That We Just Cannot Avoid to Remain Together

There are certain love laws that govern a relationship and which every couple will confront at some point in time. These loves can manifest in the form of changes within a relationship.


When you stay in a relationship you will notice how it gradually changes. Changes in relationship over time are inevitable. In fact, the longer you spend together, the more changes happen. While some changes can be for the better, others can be nothing less than scary and disturbing. But these changes are not necessarily bad. If you actually look closer at them, you will understand that they could possibly be a new stage of your love.

By following these laws anyone can understand how unavoidable they are and how much effort it takes to maintain a relationship. Here are 10 such love laws:


1 Attraction between the two of you won’t last forever

The beginnings of a new relationship are usually wildly passionate. But, as time goes by, this passion dies down a bit. The love life then becomes calmer. This can sometimes be a problem, but it’s important to not let yourselves fall into despair. Don’t let yourself think that maybe you weren’t meant to be together. Every relationship goes through this phase in time, but it is up to the two of you to work it out.

Attraction between the two

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2The most fragile thing in a relationship is trust

The foundation of every relationship is built on trust. While sometimes the trust between two people can seem very solid, in reality, it actually is extremely fragile. Trust can be a very deceptive and dangerous feeling because once it is broken it becomes very hard to continue the relationship. Even the trust between spouses can be broken easily and very quickly.

The most fragile thing in a relationship is trust

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3The connection will be lost from time to time

There will be instances where u will feel like you, your heart, and your destiny are all connected to your significant other. But, at other times you will feel like there is no connection at all. It’s perfectly normal to feel this way sometimes. In these cases, you probably are exhausted or very tired to think straight.

The connection will be lost from time to time

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