Some important points Couples need to discuss before getting married

So you are getting married or are planning to bid adieu to singlehood soon? Great news! But did you know that some important points should always be discussed before marriage so as to ensure love and peace later? We bring you some such important points.

1 Hobbies, Interests and Me-Time

When two people think of coming together in a marriage, there might be two different sets of hobbies and interests they would bring along. It is also possible that both these sets might be poles apart from each other. It is always best to discuss how best to integrate both sets into the schedule of the couple after marriage. One weekend may find them going on treks and the other one might witness them dancing the night away under a moonlit night. Talking about interests, one may love to snuggle in bed with a book and read like there is no tomorrow.The other partner may want go out bowling at the same time. They must come to a conclusion regarding division of time to pursue their cherished activities so that none of them feels that injustice has been meted out to them.

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2 Nature And Temperamant

The two people in question may possess different temperaments which they would bring into the marriage. One might be short-tempered and quick to fly into a rage while the other might love peace and quiet. Sometimes both could be short-tempered which could create a war zone at home. One might love talking and sharing knowledge while the other might like to keep to himself/herself. Talking about introverts and extroverts, a balance has to be achieved and the trigger points need to be discussed openly before marriage.

 Nature And Temperament

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