If Disney Princesses were moms, here’s what they would look like today

Disney princesses are the hit of every story. The lively characters which lend the most beautiful aspect of every fairy tale story is what keeps the entire story alive. Throughout the years, we have grown to love those beautiful female characters, such as Mulan or Ariel from The Little Mermaid. But have you ever wondered if every story had an extension. What if the romance that had a happy ending continued into real life where the gala wedding as a happy ending ran all the way through Motherhood? If that were the case, then here’s what it would look like portraying Disney Princesses as Moms. The illustrations were created by Massachusetts based artist, Isaiah Stephens, who hit upon the novel idea.


1 Belle, from Sleeping Beauty

Remember Belle from Beauty and the Beast? Belle was a beautiful maiden whose father handed over to the fearsome beast. Ultimately she broke the spell which transformed the beast back to the handsome prince he once was, and the story then had a true happy ending. Here’s Belle with her new born baby.

Belle, from Sleeping Beauty

Image Source: www.aplus.com


2 Ariel, from The Little Mermaid

Ariel was the lovely and spirited mermaid who finally got her legs and married her Prince. Ariel as a mom looks mature and just as beautiful.

Ariel, from The Little Mermaid

Image Source: www.videisimo.net


3 Elsa from Frozen

The beautiful snow queen seems more casually dressed, exchanging her flowing blue icy gown for a T-shirt and pants so it’s “welcome to the modern world Elsa”. Who knows Elsa’s little boy may have well have inherited her ice creating powers.

Elsa from Frozen

Image Source: www.radiosarajevo.ba


4 Jasmine, from the Arabian Nights

Among all the images of Disney princesses as moms, this is a true tribute to a woman. Here’s jasmine with an overjoyed Aladdin because this seems like a double happy ending. Married and now proud parents to be. So what will it be, a princess or a little handsome prince.

Jasmine, from the Arabian Nights

Image Source: www.bomb01.com


5 Cinderella

Here’s Cinderella as a regular twentieth century mom complete with fashionable Capri and top ensemble. Cinderella looks just as good as she did as a young princess if not better.


Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk


6 Rapunzel from Tangled

The lovely Rapunzel featuring shorter waist length golden tresses with her husband Flynn Ryder and their oh so cute baby who definitely pooped which explains why Ryder is wearing a gas mask.

Rapunzel from Tangled

Image Source: www.amazonaws.com


7 Fa- Mulan, from Mulan

We all loved this story about the Chinese warrior princess. Another happy ending where Mulan finally marries Prince Jeeki. Congratulations to the happy couple expecting their first little baby.

Fa- Mulan, from Mulan

Image Source: www.boredpanda.com


8 Pocahontas

The word Pocahontas means ‘little Mischief.’ That’s exactly what Pocahontas got up to when she was a child. Now she has a little baby of her own and the illustration is almost spiritual like depicting the matured character of the little Indian Princess.


Image Source: www.aplus.com

9 Tiana, from the Princess and the Frog

Remember the dusky doe eyed beauty from the Princess and the Frog? Well, here she is all grown up now with her hubby, having a hard time managing their little baby.

Tiana, from the Princess and the Frog

Image Source: www.startmain.ru

10 Aurora, From the Sleeping Beauty

This is one beautiful picture of Aurora of sleeping beauty fame giving birth to her first child. Did you know all of these amazing pictures were originally commissioned by Cosmopolitan magazine, entrusting Isaiah Stephen to recreate Disney princesses as moms and for what?? To commemorate MOTHER’S DAY. Yes! These remarkable illustrations were all a tribute to Moms around the world to honor and respect what they truly are.

Aurora, From the Sleeping Beauty

Image Source: www.wordpress.com


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