12 Caring Ways On How To Deal With A Jealous Partner

5Have patience rather than getting all defensive

How your partner’s lack of trust must be hurting you and frustrates you is understandable, but then, the moment you start being defensive, it would be like adding fuel to the fire. So instead of defending yourself, try and be patient and discuss all relevant problems leading to jealousy.

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6Be expressive about your feelings

As said in the previous point, we understand how it hurts you too. So when you are trying to discuss and solve it, be expressive as to how it affects you. Don’t blame but explain as to how it hurts you, how tough it is for you to love when jealousy comes in between.

Be expressive about your feelings

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7Only love can thaw jealousy

You have to start loving them more when they enter such a phase. Don’t be afraid to do so as it will only make your relationship stronger. Assure them that you are only theirs and that they always have you as a support. Try to understand them and shower more love on them.

Only love can thaw jealousy

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8Maintain your own personal things

Until and unless you allow it, no one has the right to go through your personal stuff even if it’s your partner. So even if you have to prove your innocence, you don’t have to actually make your partner go through them. Once they do it, then they will continue taking advantage and then, there will be no sort of privacy. So don’t be harsh while trying to draw a line but try to do it in a loving way.

Maintain your own personal things

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