12 Caring Ways On How To Deal With A Jealous Partner

We say a little bit of jealousy is good in a relationship. But is it true? Is it really true that jealousy in a relationship is good? Relationships are cute, we board the ship of relationships easily but when they sink, they turn into a living hell. One of the major causes behind the falling apart of a relationship is jealousy—yes jealousy it is indeed. What all of us want in a relationship is trust from our partner but when jealousy enters, everything goes haywire. You start feeling like your partner doesn’t trust you, they don’t believe in you and when these feelings hit you, you want to run from it and just avoid it at all costs. However, this usually leads to a break-up, separating you from your significant other. Here are 12 tips on how to deal with a jealous partner.


1 Finding its root

The first thing you have to do is find the root where jealousy grows. Jealousy doesn’t just happen randomly. There must have been something that must have ignited the fire. It can be something relating to your doing that must have hit them off or something from the past that made them build up those insecurities around them. But whatever it is, the key to its solution is to understand your partner.

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2Viewing things from their perspective

It would be a lie to say that you never get jealous of your partner. So you have experienced how jealousy feels like and how it makes you behave and act. Thus, when your partner is in the same phase, instead of trying to argue, try to position and view yourself from their point of view and perspective.

Viewing things from their perspective

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3A Little bit of jealousy is love

Trust me, there is no relationship without a little bit of jealousy because it shows that your partner is looking out for you and also giving you attention. Perhaps you should try to spend more time with them.

Little bit of jealousy is love

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4Discuss what makes them jealous

As said before, jealousy doesn’t just happen all of sudden. It must be something that must be triggering them to get jealous and the only thing you can and have to do is discuss it with them. Discuss what is making them upset and setting them off. It can be something that you do that makes them jealous or reminds them of their past unfaithful partner. So discuss it with them and be very careful in this situation.

Discuss what makes them jealous

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