13 Ways How Body Language Can Reveal that you’ve Chosen the Wrong Partner

There is nothing more revealing of a person’s emotions or intentions than body language. It is one of the most common ways to consciously or subconsciously express your true feelings. In any relationship, body language influences the relationship between the two partners. It can make or break a relationship. Even words cannot express or influence relations as much as body language says language expert Yana German. She explains that for men especially, body language is always the most common way of expression because words don’t come easily to men. This being said, body language can tell you if you are with the right or wrong partner. The problem is because of stress, we fail to realise and read the signals sent to us. Here are some common forms of body language that you need to pay attention to that puts your relationship in question.


1 Growing apart

Not always does absence or distance makes the heart grow fonder. Distance can even destroy a relationship. According to psychology studies, the perfect zone of intimacy between two people should be 0 to 18 inches.

Growing apart

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When he doesn’t want to hold your hand or walks at a distance

If either of the partners becomes physically or emotionally distant, this will display in body language. He may not want to hold your hand anymore and will also walk at a distance from you. He or she may sit at a distance from you. When this happens, you most probably may want to think seriously about the relationship.

Sitting at distance

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2Questioning or overanalyzing constantly

If you are enjoying a healthy relationship, you shouldn’t have to question your partner’s every move. If either of you doubt each other or mistrust the other, then it’s high time you think about the relationship if at all there is one because there are not many chances of a healthy future.

Questioning or overanalyzing constantly

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3A different pace

This may sound a very trifling matter but it is important. Called, gait synchronization; it displays the inner sync of both partners with each other. People who love each other will always try to walk as close to one another as possible and always at the same pace. They may do this consciously or subconsciously.

A different pace

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4Walking in close proximity and slight touching expresses love

Moreover walking at the same pace in close proximity, there will always be a touch of the fingers, bumps into each other and other flirtatious actions. In the absence of a true relationship, these things aren’t present.

Walking in close proximity

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