Her Boyfriend was Cheating on Her. She did this and It felt awesome!

“What irritated me the most in that kind of situation was the fact that I wasn’t just feeling humiliated, or being annoyed, or even fooled. Betrayal was what I truly felt, my heart broke not just by a guy I was in love with, but also by, as I once believed, a true friend.”


For a relationship, loyalty and honesty are two of the best recipes to make it long lasting and strong. But no matter how much you try to maintain a relationship, if your partner is the one who is not going to try harder and will not even work for it, then there will be no good result to expect later on. A relationship is for two people and that means, both of you should work and spend time for it. However, what will happen if the guy that you trusted your heart with was actually cheating behind your back?

That is one of the most common problems of many people today, especially women. There are some who will choose to let it go, forget and learn from it, but there are others who will take revenge and eventually get a very even result. In this featured story, this woman did the latter.


1 The Start of the Story

This is the story of the Japanese woman who takes revenge on his boyfriend. There is not enough information on how long they have been together, but the most important part is his boyfriend cheated on her, and when she knew about it, she did one of the most awesome revenge that any woman can do. I will tell you that this guy totally deserves it. After all, no woman deserves to be cheated on.

This woman chose to be even, but she did not look for another guy to do this, but she did something that her ex-boyfriend will surely remember for the rest of his life. It will not just stay in his memory, because he will be totally broke right now to be able to start all again, after all his Apple gadgets were drowned in his bathtub.

The Start of the Story

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2 iMAC Desktop in Bathtub

Oh no! That’s a waste! If you are someone who is a fan of Apple products, you will surely know the cost of an iMAC desktop. Almost all people around the world are dreaming to have that kind of desktop computer in their table. Lucky enough that her boyfriend can afford it, but sadly, he won’t be able to use it anymore. Now, I would like to know the main reaction of this guy after seeing this. Just imagine waking up in the morning and suddenly realizing your iMAC desktop is missing. Is there a thief that entered your house? Nah. It’s just your girlfriend taking sweet revenge on you.

iMAC Desktop in Bathtub

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3 More Apple Products in the Bathtub

Are those iPads, iPods, iPad Minis and iPhones? That’s a big loss men. Approximately, that should be around $20,000 to spend on those Apple products, and now, they are all swimming in the bathtub. We do know that Japan is one of the richest countries and the main center of gadgets and surely her boyfriend could be one of those people who are considered collectors. However, we are very sorry to know that he needs to start all over to earn and buy those gadgets once again.

More Apple Products in the Bathtub

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4 The Reactions of the People

There are different reactions about this story. There are some men who totally felt sorry for the guy because those Apple gadgets is really a big loss, but there are others who think that the guy totally deserves it. Some of the comments of people are as follows.


“I think this guy totally deserves it. After all, who would even think of cheating on a woman? We do know that they can think of the best revenge, so be careful guys! This could make you think twice if you should also cheat on your partner”

“Oh no! This could give an idea to the women now in what they can do when their partners cheated behind their back. I feel sorry for the guy because of his loss, but he should not really cheat on his girlfriend. It’s his fault after all”


“What if the guy is not really cheating and the girl only has her speculations? This could be a big loss! I just hope that the girl hired a Private Investigator Denver and they were able to get all the information need to have proven that her boyfriend was really cheating behind her back. If I were her, I will also post the proofs of my partner cheating on me to serve him right!”

The Reactions of the People

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5 The Lesson of the Story

If you think that you are already unhappy with the relationship that you have with your partner, the best thing you should to do is to be honest about it and leave, rather than to cheat on her/him which will only make the situation worst, and probably give you more problems to handle just like the man in this story. We do know that cheating is very easy to do, you can have a number of women that you want, but why not try to become honest, loyal, and faithful? That could be more challenging and it will even give you the true definition of a man.

So cheating should never be an option. You have to be honest and that will give you the results that you need. If you know you can’t manage being faithful, don’t enter into a relationship at all. Don’t waste other people’s efforts, time and emotions on you. And for those who are in a relationship, be grateful if you have a loyal partner.

The Lesson of the Story

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