13 Heartbreaking but Valid Reasons Why Men Leave the Woman They Love

11Don’t make fun of his fears and failures

If there is one thing a man hates, it is ridicule, especially from a woman. When there is a genuine reason for a man who may be having problems, them undermining those problems and ridiculing him for it is the worst thing you could do for your relationship. You may soon have to bid him goodbye.

Dont make fun of his fears and failures

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12No respect and appreciation

A relationship is based on love and mutual respect. There are quite a number of women who are disrespectful of their men even in public. This is a dangerous thing that drives men away. Abusing a man or bad mouthing him at every turn and twist may also invite aggression or total avoidance. Comparing your man’s abilities to others is also a big reason for him to leave you. Lack of appreciation only lowers your man’s self-esteem.

No respect and appreciation

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13Emotional Co-dependence

Being too emotionally dependent on your man isn’t what a good man wants. There may be men who gaslight their women because of making them emotionally dependent but that is a toxic person whom you should leave anyway but in a normal relationship, your man also needs you to be strong sometimes as he will want to turn to you for his own emotional security. But what happens when he sees you as someone without that strength. Saying things like “without you, I am nothing” or “without you, I would just perish’ or “I would never leave you for anyone” makes you appear uninteresting and unattractive as a person. Stop doing that.

Emotional Co-dependence

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Your man needs someone who will make him happy, be there for him and someone he can turn to in times of need. Men too are human beings and just as you need those things, he does too. So always remember that. In spite of all these things, if your relationship doesn’t turn out as expected, then you too are deserving of respect, so be strong and get through it which may make you a stronger person.

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