13 Heartbreaking but Valid Reasons Why Men Leave the Woman They Love

6They can get bored

Men love women who make them happy. They don’t like a sourpuss or an angry woman who is irritable all the time and does not enjoy life. Boredom can be one of the most dangerous factors of a relationship because men like women with new ideas and willing to try exciting things sometimes in bed too. (A little naughtiness in bed is good for a relationship). All this is zesty for a relationship but if you are boring to live with, then you may just chase your man away. Try to be a little more interesting to keep your connection alive.

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7The fear of losing their freedom

Women should understand that men crave intimacy but also love their freedom. If you find your man watching a football game with his friends, just let him and don’t nag him. Men love their boy time and will also love it if you allow him once in a way for such pleasures. Of course, if your man neglects you entirely and just wants to hang out with a friend, that is a separate issue, but if he loves you, give him his space.

Fear of losing their freedom

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8Loss of attraction

While women may not like this, the reality is that men love with their eyes. Women once settled in a relationship tend to take less care of them even to the point of neglect. By not doing your hair or dressing well, you may just be putting your man off. Every man loves his woman looking good especially when it is for him. Loss of attraction is one of the sad reasons men leave because it also stems from a lack of interest.

Loss of attraction

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9When you keep trying to fix and change him

When you married him, you accepted him for who he is. Why try to change him down the line. Men hate that. They dislike being turned into another person and are expected to adopt a different nature and personality for you. This is one of the main reasons why a man may just leave faster. Such things might make him resentful and even bitter to the point of feeling bad or disgusted at himself. He may also be hurt at the fact that you don’t want to accept him for the person he is. Try not to control a man but respect him instead. You have to accept his weak points and all. There are subtle ways of pointing out any wrongdoing that may be affecting you in a negative way. But if it isn’t hurting or harming you, then what the heck.

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10No emotional binding

Any man who loves a woman will always reveal his vulnerabilities as he is secure in knowing she won’t take advantage. He will share all his weaknesses and fears. This is definitely not easy for any man to do. While failures are easy enough subjects to talk about, fears are something very personal. Your man may be suffering a depression of sorts because of a childhood fear or trauma but may not speak to you about it simply because men like dealing with such things themselves. Thus, if you make it even harder to be approached in troubled times, he loses the ability to bond with you emotionally.

No emotional binding

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