13 Heartbreaking but Valid Reasons Why Men Leave the Woman They Love

They say love is always pure, it can also be exciting and beautiful, but in today’s world where people are driven by emotions influenced by life and its stress, love is complicated too. Without the right mix of ingredients and fuel to keep the flame of love burning in a relationship, it may wither away. On the other hand, there are times when men especially will actually leave a woman they love and it becomes very hard for the woman to understand this and figure out what went wrong. According to relationship experts, true confessions by women and psychologists, these are the main reasons why men might leave a woman they love and perhaps it is a helpful guide in trying to recognize if such things may be present in your relationship to remedy before it goes totally wrong.


1Not satisfied in the bedroom

It isn’t wrong to say that men love intimacy although the weird thing is that he will never ask or let you know up to your face that he wants it. But if he doesn’t get it and is tired from the lack of it, he might just leave. According to research, men are habituated to expressing love through physical intimacy and intercourse. By denying him his intimate moments, you are denying him the opportunity to let him show his love for you. Continued denial may result in him experiencing low self-esteem which is worse because it makes him feel he isn’t desired.

Not satisfied in the bedroom

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2Lack of intimacy may make him leave

By not getting a chance to be intimate with you, a man might just consider leaving you. Although it sounds harsh and makes out as if a man cares only about the physical act, it is deeper than that. You need to know how men think and dissatisfaction because of intimacy in a relationship is a big reason for men to leave or seek someone who will give him what he needs.

Lack of intimacy may make him leave

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Dissatisfaction ultimately leads to affairs and being disloyal. Around 70% of men who are unfaithful may end up leaving their partners because not all men are Casanovas to handle more than one woman at a time. They may find it stressful and emotionally tiring to give their attention to two women so they might just leave the woman they love for the woman they are having an affair with. They will obviously mistake the new relationship for romance and love simply because of the physical factor involved.

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4If you don’t treat your man right someone else will

There are many who assume that women allow men to cheat. If you don’t treat your man right, someone else will. This may not seem right but the sad fact is that it is reality. Men might turn to another woman if they feel they aren’t getting the love, affection and care he craves for. This may sound like a woman actually, but don’t make a mistake, just because a man doesn’t show these emotions, doesn’t mean his needs aren’t real.

Treat your man right

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5Taking him for granted

It isn’t surprising to say that a man’s intimate needs are never emphasized anywhere. This is because society has stereotyped men and because of this, women get comfortable in a relationship and take their men for granted. Love requires day to day actions to keep the flame burning. When was the last time you sent your man an intimate text or cuddled him in the morning with a kiss? If you did it earlier, why have you stopped? As mentioned earlier, these reasons also come under lack of intimacy making men leave.

Cuddling with your man

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