He knew his wife is cheating. So, he arranged a birthday surprise she’ll never forget.

There is a big buzz in the internet when this news was shared by millions of people around the world, still, there are no confirmation if the story is really true or this is just a made-up one. Nevertheless, it has captured a lot of attention from many people and this guy had totally nailed giving the best birthday surprise that any person could give to his wife. He waited for the right time and gathered all information he can, until he totally knew and confirmed that his wife of 10 years, is already cheating behind his back.


Know the full story below.

1 The Stage of Doubts

“I am having doubts and second thoughts if my wife is still the one whom I used to fall in love with, probably, there is a lot of things that changed between us, but I know, deep inside, there is something wrong with our marriage and I know I have to start making actions for this. It’s been months since I had this feeling that my wife is cheating because she was showing a lot of red flags. After all, I would not even think of this without any reason and basis.


My wife is always laughing and smiling ear to ear when she is texting and when I asked who she is texting, she will just answer that it was her mom. There are also some times that she will tell me that she needs to stay very late at night after work because of different projects. But, when I have called some of her friends in the office, they tell me that she has already left hours ago. I’ve even decided to fetch her from work and waited outside the office, but the guard told me that there is already no one inside and my wife had already left earlier.

The Stage of Doubts

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2 Giving More Clear Signs

When I asked her about what is happening, she will just laugh it off and will tell me that there is nothing, and that I should not worry about anything. She also started to become cold to me in bed. We used to hug when we are sleeping, but we don’t do it anymore, when I tried, she will put my arms away and tell me that she is really tired and is not comfortable on the position. Basically, those are just enough to build up these feelings within me.

But, the last straw is when she suddenly woke up at 11:30 at night and told me that she will just go to the nearest convenience store and would like to have a bottle of milk. I didn’t really thought that there was something up when she said that, because she used to really drink a glass of milk at night. It just that, she didn’t come back early and go home at around 2 in the morning. The worst case is, I went down and found a full pack of fresh milk in the refrigerator.

Giving More Clear Signs

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3 The Start of the Plan

Now, for the past 10 years of our marriage, everything was really memorable and I don’t know why she did this to me. I’m a good guy, after all, so I decided to be the one filing a divorce, but before that, there are more things that I have to do. I have hired a private investigator and asked him to follow my wife and check the different things she does.


Private investigators are really good on the things they do and he was able to get enough evidence for me to use in court. I had a few firms recommended to me and heard brilliant things about a Denver Private Investigator , but I had to find something more local in the end.
But, starting up on her birthday, there are still months before that and you will surely wonder why I have to wait for it. Those months could be enough for me to gather the information that I need and eventually prepare myself on the different things that will happen. I may also need to move out and look for some place to stay at while the divorce will be in the court later on.

The Start of the Plan

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Also, I know that it should be the right time. I asked her how she wanted to celebrate her birthday, but she only said that I should stay with my friends and go out of the country. Why? Because she said that she does not want to be reminded that she is already starting to become old and she will spend the whole day in her office, after all.

4 The Best Surprise Ever

But, after seeing champagnes in her closet, and a ticket for an opera performance for two, scheduled on her birthday, I know there was something up. So, I did what all men should do. I went out the day before her birthday and told her that I am going to stay with my friends for three days. She seems to be totally fine with it and I just need to go with my own plan.


While I am staying in the nearby restaurant, I had called her mother, father, sisters and some of her close friends. I told them that I want to surprise my wife for her birthday. We were in the front door at exactly 8 in the morning, mom is carrying the cake, the sisters have the poppers with them, and I opened the house, as quietly as possible.

The Best Surprise Ever

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We went pass by the hallway, going straight in the bedroom, and as I opened the door, all of us shouted “surprise”. But, the thing is, we are the one who were surprised with my wife naked and having a good time with his guy. Mother is really agitated, the cake fell down, and the friends had started to shout, instruct my wife on this and that, while the guy is trying to hurry up in putting his pants on.

In the end, it was the best birthday surprise I’ve ever thrown!”


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