This girl suffered 65% burns on her body. Then her boyfriend did this…


When two people fall in love, they want their love to last forever and ever. Love is not just the physical and emotional attachment to one another, but also dedicating everything to one another and being there for your loved ones, when they need it the most. Love is the name of sacrifice and it only grows better as you keep giving to your partner.

Here is one such story of eternal love and sacrifice showed when a normal being would have found it better to wash his hands off the whole affair and walk away and no one would have blamed that person. But this guy was there when his partner needed him the most and showed that love goes beyond physical attraction.

1 Starting of the most beautiful relationship!

Turia who was born in Tahiti, French Polynesia, was brought up in Ulladulla, NSW. She met her boyfriend Michael Hoskin during the high school and they have been together since then. Turia and Michael’s love story is a typical high school romance where the two people meet, exchange looks, become friends and then fall in love ultimately. Michael became a police officer in Australia and Turia pursued a career in mining engineering and modeling. They officially became a couple in 2009 and Turia had landed her dream job, when the unfortunate tragedy struck Turia in 2011.

Turia's modeling career

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