Think well before lying to smart women


Many men feel intimidated by smart women. Intelligent women are smart, capable and intuitive. Marrying a smart woman can be a boon at most times but can become a threat at others. Look at what this smart wife did to catch her husband red handed.

1 One Fine Day This Husband Called His Wife over the Phone

The husband called his wife over the phone and announced that he has been asked to accompany his boss on a fishing trip in china for a week. He went on to add that this trip could do wonders to his career and promotion.

Woman talking on the phone

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2 The Suspicious Smart Wife

The wife was puzzled when the husband asked her to specifically pack his new blue silk pyjamas. She thought it sounded fishy but she did as her husband had instructed her to do.

The Suspicious Smart Wife

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3 The Smart Wife packs her Husband’s bag carefully

The wife packs the fishing rod and box and keeps it ready for her husband to come by from the office and pick up his packed bag.

The Smart Wife packs her Husband’s bag carefully

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4 When the Husband Returns from his Trip

The following weekend the husband returns from his trip looking refreshed but a little tired. His wife welcomes him and asks him if he caught many fish?

When the Husband Returns from his Trip

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5 The Nail in the Coffin

The husband responds to his wife that he caught lots of Salmon, Blue gill and a few Swordfish. He immediately asks her as to why she did not pack his blue silk pyjamas? You’ll love her answer. She replies that she had very much packed them in his fishing box.

It was obvious that the husband never went fishing with his boss. That is the reason why the fishing box remained unopened. This smart wife did her job so carefully which is praiseworthy. So this is a good lesson for all the men to think well before lying to a smart woman.

The Nail in the Coffin

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