15 Key Differences Between a Mature and a Shallow Relationship

If you are anywhere near your 20s you must have thought about what a good relationship essentially consists of. Is it just attraction and honesty? Or is it about mutual support? Or is it something else entirely. No one wants to visit divorce attorneys lincoln ne but if you’re an adult who is stuck in a seemingly shallow and emotionally fraught relationship where you are constantly seeking for stability and approval, it’s always better to move away.


There are always ways to tell if a relationship is worth investing in if you have a mature solid dynamic with your partner. For instance, if you are always insecure and worked up about your partner and his habits, chances are you are stuck in an immature and unevolved relationship. Or if you have opposite interests
for example in the bedroom, you might enjoy Femplay products whereas they prefer to keep things vanilla. Here are just some things which will help you to differentiate between a mature relationship from an immature one.

1You are always in doubt

To be fair every relationship has its fair share of fears and doubts but it’s natural when there are two individual minds involved. But if you doubt every aspect of your relationship and are always living in fear of a breakup or a fight, that is extremely unhealthy. Not to mention it also means there is no line of honest exchange between you and your partner and that obviously messes with your head.

You are always in doubt

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2Accepting your partner’s individuality

In a healthy and stable relationship two individual minds come together and create a bond. Even if you have been together for a brief period of time you will feel like you are a team and will think of yourself and your partner as sort of a unit. But in insecure relationships people would often want to erase your individuality and want you to change or be a different version of yourself. Not to mention the concept of oneness is not there.

Accepting your partner's individuality

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3Why go on?

If you ever doubt your relationship or are having second thoughts ask yourself this: why should I go on? Why should you come back to your partner everyday? The answer is always this: because you want to. You should only be with someone if you want to and for no other reason. But if you ever think that you have no desire to go back to the relationship don’t go back. You will not be helping anybody but only making way for heavy emotional damages.

Doubt in relationship

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4Are you keeping a fight alive

Fights and arguments in a relationship are a way to move forward not an opportunity to be away from each other. If you find yourself keeping a fight alive or not talking for days following an argument or if you are looking for ways to be away from each other you are obviously in a dysfunctional dynamic. Always remember to check your own feelings and be honest with yourself.

Are you keeping a fight alive

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5Are you socialising enough?

If you are in a healthy and progressive relationship you will make time to socialise with others and hang out with your other friends as a couple. A lot of committed people look for ways to keep their significant other away from their friends or social circle. This is a big sign than your relationship is doomed. You obviously want to separate your personal life into two fractions and that is extremely toxic.

Are you socialising enough

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