Dads response to teens enquiry on Love moves her to tears


Helping kids with their school assignments is part of being a responsible parent. When Sydney decided to take her dad’s help in writing an essay on love, she got more than she bargained for. This story would surely make you emotional.

1 How Sydney’s Parents Met

Sydney’s dad told her that her mom had proposed to him and that’s how their relationship had started. Within two weeks he was madly in love with her for who she was. He added that he had met his dream woman.

How Sydney’s Parents Met

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2 How the Relationship Progressed

A year later her parents were married and had their first child Brytt. She was daddy’s little girl and soon had a boy Q who took their family name further. During that time her dad was working during the day and studying at nights and weekends. Her mother was working at nights, due to which the two saw each other scarcely.

How the Relationship Progressed

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3 Mother wanted a Third child

It was at this time that Sydney’s mother wanted another child but her dad was not ready as both were busy with work and household responsibilities. But he soon relented and Sydney was born. He said that she was instrumental in bringing them together again.

Mother wanted a Third child

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4 Sydney’s Mom Quits Job to Take Care of Family

Soon after Sydney was born, her mom quit her job to look after the family. This made it possible for them to focus on each other more and the family bonding increased. Her dad added that he did miss her earlier personality as he was used to see her multitasking. But all in all he loved her for who she was.

Sydney’s Mom Quits Job to Take Care of Family

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5 Her Dad’s Love for her Mom

Sydney’s dad paid a tribute to her mom, when he said that her mom had come into his life he was young and immature. It was she who had completed him and made him a better person. He said nothing and none mattered to him more than his wife. Upon hearing this story Sydney’s eyes filled with tears. Her parents had a true love story and she was proud of it.

Her Dad’s Love for her Mom

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Love stories are many. But some stories leave you emotional and in tears. This is one of them.


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