10 Common Mistakes Made By Most Parents That Affect and Ruin A Child’s Life after Divorce

Did you know, Guinness records even have a record for highest divorce rates, that’s how common divorce is in the world today. The problem with new age marriages is such that no one really cares about what happens to children. The record, of course, is held by the Maldives but many other countries don’t lag too far behind as today divorce is a causal thing that ends marriages as short as 6 months. Here is how divorce ruins a child’s life.


1 You perceive a child as an adult

Today people often mistake treating children like adults but they aren’t. They will never comprehend reasons for divorce and the emotions that go along with it. You have to induce a sense of security in kids since you are responsible for them. Fill then with confidence that everything is going to be fine and it will for them.

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Children don’t need to be told details

You don’t have to tell them everything in detail. They just need your support and need to feel it without having to comfort you instead. Your worries and troubles can be shared with friends or family or even a therapist but never your children.

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2You make your child to choose

Never ever force children to choose between parents as this will break their hearts. This also includes who they want to stay with. Such a decision makes a kid feel they are betraying a parent for the other and will be unknowingly hurting one parent. It isn’t fair to the child and these issues should be sorted out in court or mutually with a spouse. A child’s opinion can be taken into account but they should never be made to feel any pressure of a choice.

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