25 Child Behavioral Problems Translated by a Psychologist into Phrases That Adults Can Understand

9Doesn’t want to go to school

Not wanting to go to school: This is important that could be a sign of the child facing abuse or bullying or discrimination in school especially in younger children. It could also mean parental pressure to perform beyond capacity “I don’t get enough support to cope with my academic setbacks. My parents have too high expectations about my grades.” “I have difficulty communicating, and I don’t know how to handle this.”


If they don’t want to go to kindergarten: “I’m very afraid to leave mom alone. I’m afraid she won’t manage alone. ” “I’m scared to be left without mom.”

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10Doesn’t listen to anyone

Disobedience: This could mean “I lack consistent and clear rules in the house.” “I don’t have enough attention; I don’t know how to draw attention to myself in a different way.” Often neglect to introduce a disciplined routine from a young age makes a child unable to come to terms with rules later.

If they are Annoyed: “I am not allowed to be angry, and with the help of irritation I show my anger to others.” If they obey with anger: “If I do not follow a strict order and follow a sequence of actions, something terrible will happen. So I protect everyone. ”


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11If a child grinds their teeth at night

Grinding teeth at night or in dreams: This could mean physiological problems or it could mean “I am angry and cannot express anger with words.”


If they face sleeping issues: “I’m afraid I can’t handle the darkness and the unknown.” “I’m afraid mom won’t come.” “I believe that the right to sleep with my mother belongs only to me.”

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12Attached to a toy

There are many children who are attached to toys and even make emotional attachments to them by talking and conversing with them frequently. Studies have proven that this is a common trait in the western world where children get attached to toys or blankets as they regard them as some invisible life force and will not settle for copies.

If a child hurts themselves: “I feel unbearable pain in my soul, and it’s easier for me to survive it physically.” “I feel very guilty and try to punish myself.”


A child fantasizes too much: “My fantasy world helps me cope with my fears.”

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