25 Child Behavioral Problems Translated by a Psychologist into Phrases That Adults Can Understand

5Speaks bad words

A child showing misbehavior or acting rude and speaking abusively: They could be lacking attention because of no emotional security. If they are greedy: “I believe that my things belong to me rightfully. I lack emotional warmth and support. ”


If they display envious behavior: “I’m afraid to be worse than others, and to be rejected.”

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6He asks a lot of questions

A child who keeps asking a lot of questions: This is a curious child who just wants to more. It means “I know the world.” “I miss your attention”

“I need important information about myself and my family that is hidden from me.”


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7If a child Stutters

A child who stutters: They may be facing trauma out of a negative family experience such a parental separation, divorce or a loss of a loved one. It could be also depression or a sign of emotional guilt. “Once a very important relationship was broken for me and I was very scared.””I feel guilty of something.” “I am very depressed by adults, and I’m afraid to speak out.”


If a child is naughty: “I cannot express my desires directly – whims help me achieve my goals.”

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8When they don’t eat

Eating issues: if not a physiological problem or stomach upset could also be a sign of anxiety. If they eat a lot: “Food allows me to cope with anxiety. I’m trying to replace her lack of emotional closeness, which I really need. “

If they act lazy: “I am not interested in doing what I am offered.” “I’m afraid that I will not succeed and no one will support me.” “It’s convenient for me when others do everything for me.”


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