25 Child Behavioral Problems Translated by a Psychologist into Phrases That Adults Can Understand

All children are unique but what remains common among all children is the act of the inability to convey directly their emotional state of mind, maybe out of fear or out of shyness. Rather than verbal communication, children convey themselves more through behavior that is more often than not misinterpreted by adults. It isn’t easy to interpret a child’s body language which is why one psychologist has come up with an effective means of translation associating phrases with body language that accurately sums up the child’s state of mind. These phrases help you understand your child.


1When they are displaying Agression

When children display aggression, it is more often that they are hiding their own securities and want an adult to supervise and discipline them. Besides these there are other types of behavior that should not be regarded at face value.

If they are very aggressive: “I am really scared and need support and guidance on rules,


When they feel listless and Apathetic: “I’m afraid of making mistakes and also scared adults will criticize my mistakes, my spontaneity and everything that I do.”

Helpless: “When adults do things for me, I am very comfortable”. “This is why I take care of my mother and make her feel needed.”


Image Source: raisingchildren.net.au

2When they express anger at parents

Sometimes, children especially the little ones throw tantrums and start raising their hands against parents. This is their own way of displaying anger since the emotion too is new to them and to get physical is their first instinct. Nightmares are also another problem for children that could be some other underlying reason.


Attempts to raise hands on his parents: “I do not know any other way of displaying anger.

The child sees nightmares: “The images in my dream tell me what I’m afraid of in real life.”


Image Source: www.pandaplayschool.net

3The child starts to steal

Children don’t steal because they need things, they are kids, it is a behavioral trait of some other underlying emotional issue. Here are some more equally upsetting ones that need interpretation.


If a child starts pulling out his hair this is what it means: “I am very scared, I am very stressed.”

If the child speaks very quietly all the time: it may be a sign of insecurity and low confidence it means “I am afraid to show myself, talk about my desires and protect myself. I’m afraid they won’t accept me like that. ”


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4Low esteem and insecurity

If a child gnaws their nails: this is also a sign of nervousness and fright, or even separation anxiety, it could mean “I’m scared; I am experiencing and experiencing severe stress, often due to separation with my mother.”


If a child doesn’t make friends easily: and is always secluded and showing introvert behavior then it means she could be unsure and afraid of making friends “I don’t know how to protect myself when communicating with other children and how to find a common language with them.”

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