7 Actions You Should Always Avoid When Fighting With a Loved One

6Do not go to bed separately

By going to bed separately you may be thinking that the gesture implies how serious the fight is and you are still very mad until the other person doesn’t apologize to you. In reality, it’s you who are actually inflicting serious damage to your relationship. No matter what the fight is about, always make a point of sleeping together as usual. This act of physical intimacy along with rest and sleep will take the edge off the anger and both of you will be happier and rational in the morning.


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7Never fight in public

It is true when they say “never wash your linen publicly”. Your fights and disagreements are personal and private matters which is not to be made public by exposing yourself in a cinema, restaurant or even in a busy shopping mall. It shows you have no respect for your partner or the relationship as well as have no self-respect either.


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Fighting in public can seriously hurt a person’s self esteem

Do not go out for any public events together till the time there is any serious disagreements and unresolved issues which might burst out at a wrong time and place. It is better to be happy and peaceful when going out for a good time, so resolve your problems before stepping out of your house. Moreover, fighting in public can make the insult and abuse even worse especially if one partner is not habituated to it. It can be an affront to one’s self-esteem.


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