7 Actions You Should Always Avoid When Fighting With a Loved One

3Don’t mix it all up

We know there are usually many small issues which usually piles up in our head and makes us blast off in a major fight and all those problems start flowing out from our mouths like molten lava but this is not helpful for a problem resolution. When the fight breaks out for a specific reason stick to it and do not waver (ladies… especially this point is dedicated to you). When the argument is focussed on a specific problem, then it will be over faster and end on a positive note where that specific issue will never be a cause of friction again. Just remember that rest of the issues too can be solved (without a fight) just as easily by talking and discussing.


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4Never ever talk about a divorce

It’s a fatal mistake to keep popping up divorce or threatening a separation at the drop of a hat. It shows that the relationship has no deep binding value in your heart. Furthermore, if you keep hurting or threatening your partner into submission like this one day, they might actually walk out on you!


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Asking for a divorce can be insulting

Anyone who uses this means for domination in even minor fights is actually stupid enough to insult their partner and endanger the relationship as suggesting “let’s divorce” can be a huge insult in a fight. So stop saying such things no matter what the fight is about.


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5Never leave the house in the middle of a fight

Leaving the room or house in the middle of fight in a huff or slamming the door and shutting off yourself in a separate room alone, leaves the other person baffled and enraged, more bitter and the problem unresolved. This also shows that you are not invested enough to solve the issue and face the realities of life or maybe your own faults and mistakes.


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Be courageous enough to face a situation

It takes a lot of courage and love for the relation to not shy away from a confrontation and resolve it in a mature manner and both the partners must be reasonable and mature while dealing with a problem.


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