7 Actions You Should Always Avoid When Fighting With a Loved One

In any relationship there is bound to be some friction and disagreements which are natural and not necessarily bad as they can strengthen the emotional bond till some of us go too far and make some fatal mistakes which end up in a ruined and permanently damaged family relation or a marriage. Here are some of those mistakes which people must avoid in the unpleasant event of a fight or arguments with loved ones.


1 Family members should never be included in fights

Never involve parents or extended family members in a disagreement or a fight between you and your partner as the problems are usually personal and must be sorted out within the 2 people involved. Once the others are involved, they will take sides and the problem would escalate to an ugly proportion and as in most cases the couples usually do resolve the matters eventually, but opposite families cannot be back on normal terms like before easily.

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It can create family friction

Not only does such a scenario create family friction and disagreement, the rift thus created can be manipulated later on for any sort of family disputes and you’ll be responsible for having given them that arsenal to be used up against you and others.


2Avoid violence

We are all in high octane emotional levels while fighting and arguing and sometimes extreme anger can make us do really stupid things like hurl things around the house, break stuff or even trying to hurt the other partner which is wrong at many levels and also illegal. Moreover, physical violence can reach dangerous levels.

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Cool off before it gets worse

So, if you have smart conscious indicator that the fight is getting worse then immediately stop yourself and leave the discussion or disengage immediately to cool off your head. Especially this rule is applicable to men as you can hurt the ladies far worse than they can so it’s important for you to back off before things flies off the handle.

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