8 Signs that you are definitely not ready to become parents

Having a baby is very big decision. From being two people, the couple becomes responsible for another life which is going to change their world around. Brining a new life into this world affects all parts of your life, from daily workings to finances to everything.


Before you decide to become parents, you need to get yourself ready both; mentally and physically, since having a kid, makes it the priority in everything. A baby is not just there for cuddling or coddling, with it comes another batch of responsibilities which include financial stability, mental and emotional readiness.

But there are some signs that mean that you are not yet there when it comes to having a baby, despite everyone else asking about it.


1 You don’t feel ready

When you see other couples with babies, you feel the need to have the baby yourself, or your family wants you to have one as soon as possible. But you will have a gut feeling that says that it is NOT the right time to have a baby. If you are having any sort of questions about having the baby, but the decision lies in your hand whether or not you should have a baby or not, then that means you are not yet ready.

You don't feel ready

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2 You love your clothes

Just to let you know, babies puke and spit a lot. In addition to this, babies also poop, sometimes projectile. Most of that will probably land on you in any matter possible, even if those projectiles have to reject the laws of physics. Now if you are more concerned about getting all of that on your clothes and worry about washing all those clothes, then maybe you are just not ready to have a baby yet.

You love your clothes

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3 Not doing laundry is your motto

Ask any mother and you will come to know the amount of work that you will have to do in order to wash and dry clothes that your cute, yet messy baby uses up. Sometimes you will realize that your washer and dryer never seem to stop and the laundry just doesn’t seem to end. If you hate doing all that, all round the clock, you are not ready to become a mommy yet.

Not doing laundry is your motto

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4 You like sleeping

There is no way you will get enough sleep once you have a baby. Not just that, when you get pregnant, the babies have the surprising habit of keeping you awake. They move in the womb, kick from the inside and that keeps your eyes wide open and you get habitual of less and less sleep.

If you are a person who loves sleeping on holidays, then remember that children tend to be early risers and tend to wake you up as well. You will have to wake at least ½ hour before them, to cope up with their energy levels.

You like sleeping

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5 You are selfish

Don’t be afraid if you don’t like to share things and you always think about yourself. If this is the case though, then maybe it is not the right time to have baby. There is nothing wrong in being selfish, but when you have a baby, you have to put yourselves on the back burner and think about the baby first.


In anything, the baby will always be the first priority, financial wellbeing, food, clothes, just about everything. And as parents, you will need to look at after each of their needs first.

You are selfish

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6 You like to party all night

You are young and still involved in the party circuit that gets hotter and hotter as the weekend arrives. Beach parties, disco parties, concerts and night clubs are your addresses for these 3 days. You love this lifestyle, but if you decide to have a baby, you would have to stop doing all this immediately.

You can’t go out and have fun during pregnancy, since drinking booze is not allowed and too much physical exertion can be harmful for the baby. Now if you are not ready to give up on your partying ways yet, then don’t even entertain the question of having a baby for the time being.

 You like to party all night

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7 Financially challenged

You must have seen your parents struggling with finances every now and then and the same thing will happen to you when you have a baby. No matter how well you plan out your finances, having a baby will definitely disrupt it, thanks to the cost of keeping a baby healthy and alive. However, if you feel that you are ready for a baby in every other way, and you don’t expect to be earning much more than you currently are at any future point in your career path, there are ways to make it work. For example, there will be ways in which you can cut back on what you spend, and save on the additional things you need; you could use baby clothing coupons online when you need to top up their wardrobe, or learn how to cook in bulk in order to keep your food bill down.

It is estimated that you will have to spend upwards of $3,000 a year just for diapers and baby formula, apart from other amenities like clothes, cots, toys and medical bills. All these costs put a deep strain on your finances and if you are not financially well off, you may not become good parents, so it is better to postpone having a baby for some time later. If you want to start preparing your finances for parenthood, start with some energy comparison to see if you can cut down on your outgoings by changing your supplier.

Financially challenged

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8 Family pressure

Family members have being known to put pressure on a couple to have kids. In-laws are eager to become grandparents and keep pestering the new couple to have kids as soon as they get married. There have been couples who had gotten married and had kids due to the pressure they faced from the family members and then struggled to cope with their decision.

Family pressure

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Don’t get pressured into having a child if you are not ready. Let it be 2, 3, 4 years after marriage, but have a baby only when the two of you are ready, both mentally and emotionally to take care of another life.


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