8 Pieces of advice only a father should teach his son

While mothers play a major role in the nurturing and emotional security of a child, a father is all about the principles, advice and discipline cultivated through a sense of respect, love and caring. However there are many cases where a child lacks the influence of a father figure because of lifestyle constraints which is why this article will tell you 8 things only fathers can give to a child.


1 Explain the importance on knowing how to win or lose

The best companion for every child participating in competitions is a father. He is the best person for cultivating masculine qualities where the child will understand the pleasure of victory through correct advice and also learn what effort it takes to be successful. Games are the best opportunity for a father to know a son better and cultivate a true bond where he needs to explain to the child that failure isn’t something to be ashamed about because you just have to get up after a fall and keep going.


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2 Teach him the correct attitude towards woman and how to respect them

Only a father can lead as an example of how to treat women. By treating his wife with respect, a man also teaches his son to do the same. When you purchase flowers for your wife, take your son with you. Encourage your son to speak to lady cashiers at the department store with politeness and respect.

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3 Man to man conversations about love

Teach your son what is love by having man to man heartfelt conversations. A teenager particularly will benefit from such advice and prepare him for his first date. He should be made to understand that you can’t rush love and it’s always better to be patient and wait for the right girl who may light up his soul.


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4 Teach him how to fight back

Only a father can teach a son how to be strong and not give in to bullies. Teaching a child to stand up for what is fair and just makes him a better man. He can teach him how to adopt the correct behavior and when to make the first challenge so that offenders won’t go near him. He can also teach him when to fight and when to walk away and avoid confrontation. Fathers should teach children that kindness is never a weakness.

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5 Help him to form his own opinion of the world

By being there for the child and speaking to him or indulging in conversations a father can give to his child the ability to understand how the world differs by being subjected to the opinions and views of two parents. During upbringing and discipline, parent’s always should be of the same opinion and never contradict each other.


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6 Enrich his opinions with new sensations

A child from infancy is nurtured with new feelings, sensations, and experiences. These can be minute things such as his parents touch, words, sounds, laughter etc. A father, on the other hand, will cultivate masculine sensations by tossing and spinning. The child may enjoy this and learn to recognize his father through such sensations.


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7 Teach him male tricks

There are many tricks of the trade in life. A father can teach a son how to light a fire, how to repair a car how to hammer nails or make minor repairs around home. This is the way a son too will be helpful as a father one day.


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8 Help him learn domestic duties

It is always the males of the house who should help in household duties and only a father can teach the right things to a son such as tying his ties, ironing his own shirts, helping his mom etc. A father can also set an example of showing a son how to cook. Such qualities only a father can give his child.


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