7 Signs you are going out with a gold digger

You have just got a new girlfriend and wonder whether the girl you are dating really is with you for love or just for the money. The vilest part of the whole thing is that you find yourself caring for her genuinely.

Though guys are very good at making decisions pertaining to business, seeing through clients or knowing in and out of our cars, but when it comes to a feline charming its way in our lives, we are no match for them.

“Gold Digger” is a female implication and for the sake of stereotyping it is known as a woman who enters in a romantic relationship for the sake of money. Male gold diggers are just called moochers. To be in such a relationship is soul sucking and betraying.

But how to tell if the woman you are in love with and share a relationship is only with you for the money. Here are 7 such signs of knowing whether you are in a relationship with a gold digger.


1 You have to attend functions you don’t want to

Your girlfriend knows some people at some Italian place she used to hang out. You don’t know anyone there and still are cajoled into attending an event there. After sitting down it finally hits you and you think, “I’m the only guy, here.” The only male at the table you will only get to contribute 4-5 words in the conversations and would have to foot the bill too and she will force you to pay it.

Despite the fact that it’s the Wednesday night and you have made plans to hang out with your friends and have couple of beers and talk guy stuff.

You have to attend functions you don’t want to

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