7 Reasons why women would like to date a gentleman

Girls are hard to please. Well, I speak in behalf of those who are a little bit choosy when it comes to boys. Let us be honest here, every girl wants to be a princess. Not the kind of princess who gets to sleep for a hundred years or the princess who lives under the ocean, but a princess who’s prince charming is way better than Cinderella’s or Rapunzel’s. Finding someone who actually admire you and respect you as a person is a girl’s dream. Girls out there would totally agree with me when I say that our ideal man consists of having this characteristic called “gentleman”. If you don’t know what it means well let me light up the room for you.


A gentleman is someone who opens the door for you, the one who will offer his seat for you, a man who will offer to carry your stuffs, in other words, it is every girl’s dream man. But due to climate change and other disastrous things that have happened, only few (like 2 out of 10) still live out this attitude. But girls like us still hopes and wishes upon a star that maybe one of these days we will be able to meet that person who meets our standards, and that man would be “the one”. So, you boys out there, if you happen to come over and read this stuff, you might think of changing your “inner beauty” and who knows, you might win every girl’s heart! Here are the 7 reasons why women would like to date a gentleman.

1 Girls like the feeling of being a certified woman

Being a man to your girl would make her feel like a woman. Girls like to feel that they are not just anyone’s girlfriend whom you can cuddle with and do other stuffs with. Girls want to feel that they are like precious gems or expensive bags that you would most likely take care off. They want to think that you are mature enough to go on with this relationship and take great risks just like a real man.

Girls like the feeling of being a certified woman

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2 Girls feel that they are secure

If you are anyone’s boyfriend your girl would probably find that “you’re safe in my arms” line. Well obviously if you are man enough, you can promise that your girl would never be harmed in your care. If you are man enough, your girl’s parents would most likely want you to be their daughter’s knight in shining armor. So yeah, lots of pressure in your behalf but nothing can match the feeling of knowing that you can take care of the girl you plan on being with forever.

Girls feel that they are secure

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3 Girls believe that they are honest and trustworthy

Well I don’t know, I guess that if you are gentle as a man, you get to have these two things your girl would most likely want you to be: honest and trustworthy. It’s like a gut feeling that if a man is polite and respectful to a girl, all the positive things will surely be linked to him. So if you are a boy and you are reading this, you should know that if you break your charisma as a gentleman, possibly all the other good things in you will be broken as well.

Girls believe that they are honest and trustworthy

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4 Girls think that they are well-educated

Of course you girls will think that a gentleman is well-nurtured as a child and grow out to be a smart individual. But maybe you’re right, maybe gentlemen are really well-educated. Why? It’s the fact that they know how to handle a girl like some precious diamonds. They don’t treat their woman as some kind of decoration or add-on but they make her feel that she is well-valued. Girls feel that they are respected and that their man’s intention is solid which leads us to reason number 5.

Girls think that they are well-educated

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5 Girls feel they are being respected

As I mentioned in the intro, every girl’s dream is to be respected. Maybe gentlemen are like that. Maybe they are really matured enough to be in a relationship considering the idea that their intention is to never hurt (physically or emotionally) their loved ones and treat them nicely. When girls think that their man is respectful enough, everything will fall into place. First, the girl’s family will trust his man and accept their relationship. Second, there will be less drama (fighting and stuffs) between the two of them because they’ve known to respect each other. Third, there is a great chance of them being together forever.

Girls feel they are being respected

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6 Girl’s parents wants to have a gentleman son in law

In every relationship a girl has, her parent’s inner voice always have a say to whom or what kind of man she will be dating. So let’s change the characters a little bit, you will be the parent (choose between the mother or the father or both) and I will be your daughter. So here is the scenario, I am dating a selfish and a not respectful man, you found out about our relationship. What will be your reaction? I am 100% sure that you will want us to break and never see each other again. Now back to our original characters. You see, parents want what’s best for their child and remember when your parents say that’s not good for you, then it’s really not.

Girl’s parents wants to have a gentleman son in law

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7 Girls think that a gentleman is the perfect man

No more complicated reasons why she likes him because of this. Girls just want to be loved by somebody she knows has a pure heart – a kind, gentle and caring man of their dreams. I believe and maybe most of us believe that boys who have pure hearts and pure intentions have the characteristic of being a gentleman. It is like a wild guess but somehow that’s what our hearts keep saying all this time. Anyway, just wait for the right man.

Girls think that a gentleman is the perfect man

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