5 Tips to make co-parenting an easy task

When you have kids and decided to get divorced due to whatever reasons that might be the responsibility of bringing up the kids fall on both parents. No child should suffer because his/her parents are deciding to separate and going to live with a new person. Going through a divorce can be pretty tough, if you’re going through a divorce yourself, you should read these useful links for divorcees.


The objective of co-parenting is very simple; to ensure that you kids are happy, healthy and are guided towards success like any other parents want their kids to be. Just because you to are divorced and living separately, it doesn’t mean those goals change.

Dealing with your ex can be a very difficult proposition, but for the sake of your children, you have to keep what best for them ahead of whatever issues you and your ex have or had in past, which resulted in your divorce.


Here are 5 very simple tips for healthy co-parenting.

1 Try to think of your ex as a business partner

You marriage ending doesn’t mean that you cannot be the reason for you two to be bad parents. Try and force to keep whatever issues there were behind you and try and view your ex as the father/mother of your child.


When you keep I mind that the relationship between you too now is solely about the kids, which will make the whole experience better and will make you two work together more easily.

 Try to think of your ex as a business partner

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2 Keep track of expenses

In any relationship money plays a very big role and even more when you have been divorced. You need to lay the ground for how the expenses of raising the child will be handled that now you two live separately and earn different amount of money.

You can share the expenses on basis of the requirement or distribute the expenses on bases of who wants what. You can take care of school supplies and clothes, while you ex can take care of food and miscellaneous. Do remember to tally your expenses at the end of every month so that there can be no issues about money between two exes.

Keep track of expenses

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3 If you can’t bear to talk to your ex face to face, find other ways to communicate

Not all divorces can be amicable. Many divorces are so bitter that communicating with each other after the divorce becomes more of a punishment rather than a necessity.


But in order to effectively co-parent children, communication is a must. But what of talking to your ex is like stabbing yourself again and again in the heart. Take help of alternate lines of communication just for the sake of your child.

Search the internet for online resources or different kind of mobile apps on co-parenting. There are many websites dedicated to such causes where you can share all the necessary information with regards to your child like the schedules for custody, activity, names of friends or doctors. This keeps you from interacting in person often and also helps in successful parenting.

If you can't bear to talk to your ex face to face, find other ways to communicate

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4 Be flexible with the kids’ time

When it comes to kids, you have to mega flexible and work according to their wishes. It might be difficult to hear that you kid wants to spend the Christmas with their dad instead of having dinner at mom’s house, even though it is mom’s turn to have them. The feeling can hurt you a lot, but you need to allow it for your kid.


When the kids turn into teenagers, they will be more open to you since you had been flexible and patient with them. Though you should let them know that though you are flexible, they need to adhere to some rules and be present at home for certain meals and special events, as after all you are their parent.

Be flexible with the kids' time

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5 Make sure your kids have all the essentials they need at both houses

When you have got your kid spending time at both your place and your ex’s place, it is better to keep a set of essentials required by the child at both places.


This will save you from the tension of returning stuff the kid forgot like clothes, books and other things that is required all the time. Buy some similar sets of clothes to be used by the child at both places and even if the child forgets some stuff at other’s place, it won’t be an issue and the child would not suffer.

Make sure your kids have all the essentials they need at both houses

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