15 Interesting Wedding Facts That Are Worth Knowing About

Marriages, as they say, are made in heaven but the anecdotes, traditions and sayings regarding marriage are certainly not. Wedding bells, the honeymoon and the wedding cake are all originated from age old customs observed in ancient countries such as Babylon and the like. Here are 15 wedding facts you may be interested to hear about.

1 Groomsmen and the Best Man

Across the world, there is a tradition of the groom kidnapping his future bride with the help of his friends known as groomsmen today. The man who helped him the most was given the honor of being best man.

Groomsmen and the Best Man

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2 The honeymoon originated in Babylon

In ancient Babylon 4000 years ago, it was the father of the bride who was supposed to supply mead (honey beer) to the groom for a month. The period became to be known as the Honey Month and due to the lunar based calendar of the times; the term came to be known as honeymoon in the modern era.

Pristine beache Malaysia

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3 Reason why the bride is hidden from the groom before the wedding?

This practice dates back to the time of arranged marriages where it is believed that the groom may bolt if he sees the bride before the marriages. In places like India the practice is still observed but for other reasons that is considered inauspicious.

Reason why the bride is hidden from the groom before the wedding

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4 Brides wearing something “blue” and something “old” in the bridal ensemble

Brides usually carry something old on their wedding day. This is a symbol of continuity of the past. They also wear blue to symbolize fidelity, love and purity.

Brides wearing something "blue" and something "old"

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5 The importance of wedding bells

The origin of wedding bells dates back to ancient times when Church or temple bells were rung to ward off evil spirits and herald good luck for the couple.

The importance of wedding bells

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