14 Signs That Prove You’re in a Strong and Healthy Relationship

From time to time, everyone does have some doubts regarding their relationship. But, rather than just dwelling on these thoughts it would be better to try and understand if your relationship is working for you. This begs the question in your mind- How do you know if that very person is just what you need? Well, there is a way to actually get your answer.


To get your answer you have to read these simple statements and try to find out if you have noticed them in your relationship. These statements are actually signs of a strong and healthy relationship that will tell you if your current partner is really the one for you.

1Dealing with each other’s habits

If neither of you are able to compromise some of your own habits or aren’t even willing to make the effort to change, then this kind of relationship is far from being a harmonious one. But, those who can respect each other in this regards and even be willing to make the change can always find balance. This will make the both feel comfortable in the relationship.

Dealing with each other’s habits</

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2Listening to your partner

Listening to what your partner has to tell you is extremely important for a good relationship. And your partner should also listen to what you have to say because a relationship is a common responsibility. Being able to understand each other and discuss things freely keeps your relationship balanced and harmonious. Being attentive will really be helpful in making you understand your partner’s feelings and needs, and making the relationship last forever.

Listening to your partner

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3Not trying to change each other

You know you are in a bad relationship when you or your partner constantly tries to transform you, and are never satisfied with who you are. No one will ever be happy in this type of relationship if they think that their partner does everything wrong such as the way they look, think, speak, and do things.


In a loving relationship both of you will be mature enough to accept each other just the way you are. You won’t compare each other to more successful friends and ephemeral ideals. Being tolerant of the people you love one of the greatest signs of a strong and healthy relationship.

Not trying to change each other

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4You both have complete freedom and don’t try to control each other

When you are in a healthy relationship neither you nor your partner will feel the need to control each other’s life or impose your views on them. The desire to be in control is often confused with caring and this could turn the relationship toxic. The best signs of a strong and healthy relationship are mutual trust and respect for each partner’s personal boundaries, interests, views, and hobbies. These differences are what attracted you to each other in the first place.

You both have complete freedom and don’t try to control each other

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5Not hurting your partner

People who are in poor relationships, often hurt and offend each other while trying to solve their problems. What you and your partner should realize is that both your opinions count and that the problem itself shouldn’t matter that much.

In a good relationship, people try their best to change the situation by searching for opportunities and never sticking to their guns. In fact, people who are very happy together can even treat different issues as challenging and interesting enough to overcome it together.

Not hurting your partner

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