14 Signs of A Strong and Healthy Relationship

11You don’t blame each other

When you choose to blame your partner rather than search for a solution to a problem it only shows that your relationship is unstable. You won’t even consider if you could be the root cause of the problem because it seems easier to accuse your partner who is forced to keep silent and agree to everything you say.


In a good relationship you two are a team who look out and care for each other. You both take full responsibility for your actions and mistakes.

You don’t blame each other

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12There isn’t much drama in the relationship

Always having to guess what’s going on in the relationship or hesitating about which of your actions will cause tears and silence, makes the relationship seem very much like a big drama. Your life will never be quiet and you won’t feel comfortable if there is a lack of communication between you and your partner. In fact, this type of behavior is a kind of manipulation. People who love each other don’t go keeping their feelings a secret and will never use such methods.

There isn’t much drama in the relationship

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13Your actions after having an argument

You know your relationship is really strong when you can never stop thinking about your partner’s feelings so that you don’t hurt them even when you are quarreling with each other. While conflicts in a relationship are somewhat normal and a part of every relationship, people who deeply care about each other never try to intentionally hurt each other.

Moreover, after an argument they don’t give each other the ‘silent treatment’ for days. They prefer to resolve the conflict as soon as possible to get back to normal. They do it by trying to understand each other’s position and views.

Your actions after having an argument

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14The promises you make are real

People feel safe in a healthy relationship because they know that they can trust each other completely. However, if they forget about each other’s promises and requests, can there ever actually be any trust? It’s really not possible to even rely on such a person. Remember that you shouldn’t go making promises that you might not be able to keep and that it’s crucial to respect your partner’s feelings and desires.

The promises you make are real

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15Here’s something you should remember: If a woman scares her man then she’s the one

If a woman actually scares the man in a relationship then it really is the biggest sign of a strong and healthy relationship. They are in a strong commitment to love each other forever. However, she will seem to scare him in the cutest and most harmless way. In reality the man is not really scared of his wife or girlfriend, what he actually is scared of is letting her down, and making her upset or unhappy.

Here’s something you should remember: If a woman scares her man then she’s the one

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