12 Things Couples Need to Discuss Before Marriage

Two main reasons why married couples end up falling apart and getting divorced is due to a lack of compatibility and communication. So, before taking your marriage vows, you should consider laying out your expectations and history and ask your partner to do the same. After all, marriage is a sacared lifelong promise, and it would do you good to be prepared to face any obstacles in your lives after getting married.


What are the things to discuss before marriage? Here are 12 important things to discuss with your partner before you tie the knot.

1 “Where will you both live?”

As obvious as this is, people still neglect to talk about this before marriage. Where should you both settle down can make a huge difference in your lives. Your opinions might not be the same on what each of you consider your ideal home. One might like to live in an apartment or condo, while the other would much prefer to have a house with a porch out front. If one expects to live close to their friends or family while the other thinks that such a home is just a temporary abode could lead to unpleasant arguments.

Where will you both live

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2 “How much time do you want to spend together?”

Marriage means that you are basically living together, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend all of your time together. You still have your individual needs and can’t be stuck with each other 24/7. You will have to have some me-time and let your partner have their space as well. Some people might like having more space than others, so this is one thing worth knowing before getting married.

Couple spending time together

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3 “What are you going to be about your social lives?”

A married couple are often expected to turn up at certain events together. But couples might sometimes prefer to hang out at events with their friends rather than their spouse. It will be worth discussing what kind of social events should the two of you attend together, and who you should get familiar with after tying the knot.

Couple Social Life

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4 “How will the chores be done?”

Believe it or not but trivial stuff like chores is still necessary to talk about because they could inevitably trigger a full-blown fight. These are important things to discuss before marriage because the chores aren’t going to do themselves and the task of managing all the household chores might become too overwhelming for one person alone. It would be better to talk about them and agree upon which chores each person will be in charge of. This will certainly help keep the peace in the house.

Couple doing household chores

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