12 Telltale Signs to Prove that your Girlfriend may be a Sociopath

Being in a relationship is something beautiful but when your girlfriend turns out something more than expected, then that can be overwhelming for you. Being in love with a sociopath can make you miserable as such people see others as pawns in a chess game only to be used. She may seem exciting in the beginning but gradually life takes on a whole new sinister attire till you feel bogged down in a deep mess. If you find youself marrying a woman like this, it could end up in divorce. If this does happen, you should use a professional divorce solicitor with testimonials you can trust so that you know she isn’t fooling you one last time. Such women aren’t always enjoyable to date and here are 15 signs your girlfriend/wife is a sociopath.


12 She Will Be Charming in the beginning

In the beginning you may be enamored by her charisma and charm. She will constantly flatter you and be charming to everyone else too. She will have you eating out of her palm by being suave and smooth by showering you with attention. But!! Suddenly out of the blue she can just turn off the charm like a switch and that’s when recognition hits that she is a sociopath.


Charming girlfriend

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11 Lack of Life Plan and the Future

A sociopath woman has no goal or plan in life as she just goes with the flow. Sociopath people don’t like being dictated to and working is beneath them. A sociopath thinks more on how to lie, manipulate and cheat. They are more worried about themselves, habituated on scamming others and creating drama in life to be bothered about the future.

sociopath woman

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10 She’s Mean

A sociopath won’t think twice on hurting your feelings by her blunt rude behavior. She can drill you with such rants till your love turns into anxiety where you will soon be apologizing to her instead. She will drain you emotionally and retard your own personal growth in life. She will make you leave your friends and spend all your money and will always be blinded by the one fact that she misses, that she is drawing you away from the woman you love.


Mean girlfriend

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9 She Always Has a Motive

A sociopath cares two hoots for anyone and always has a motive for her actions. She will constantly manipulate and rile you till she has achieved what she wants regardless of making you feel in love or feel guilty about yourself.

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8 She Moves Fast

When a sociopath wants to get to you, she will convince you how you are made for each other and how you both share fantastic chemistry; she can match your hopes and dreams like a shapeshifter and pretend to be the perfect partner till you are hooked. A sociopath has no problem behaving like the ideal partner and taking on a role of what you want her to be so that she can ultimately wrap you around her finger.


Arguing in relationship

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7 She’s Always the Victim

A sociopath will be full of stories how she was neglected and abused or how she was the victim of failed relationships just to invoke your sympathy. She will try to make you feel sorry for her all the time. If ever you confront her, she will accuse you of being too sensitive and crazy by dismissing your accusations as lies.


Fights in relationship

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6 She Stays Calm and is a pathological liar

A sociopath can be excruciatingly calm whenever she needs to be and this is best when you’re blowing your head off at her behavior and she can’t see what the fuss is all about. Such people are unnaturally calm and handle their own upheaval with a sense of detachment and numbness. Moreover, a sociopath is a pathological liar but she can keep an extremely straight face while lying left right and center.


Even though she gets caught, she will keep making up stories till she is blue in the face. She will constantly try to justify her behavior trying her best to put the blame on you instead.

Relationship fights

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5 She’s great in Bed

As sociopaths have no scruples, insecurities or shame, she can be very pleasing in a physical relationship which will then draw you even more to her. Intimacy is just a physical activity to your sociopath girlfriend but she can use it to make you beg for more.

Woman Having romance

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4 She’s emotionally unavailable

You know your girlfriend is a sociopath when she doesn’t lend you a shoulder to cry on. Sociopaths possess no compassion for people who display emotions and may even point out how stupid you look when distressed. She will never apologize if she is the source of your distress and will never open up as she has no empathy.

unhappy couple

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3 She Has a Big Ego

Sociopaths are very egoistic and narcissistic to the extremes. In your first meeting she will sell herself by extolling her many virtues and her fantastic accomplishments and how good a choice she is. The more she brags about herself, the more proof that she has chosen you as her next victim. She will never regret when you realize that it was all lies.

Woman with ego

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2 She Provokes You

A sociopath will constantly provoke you playing to your jealousy and in the event of an altercation, she will manipulate you into thinking your insecurities are the cause of the problems in your relationship. She will shower you with attention and in the same breath provoke you with undesirable behavior. She will also choose to hurt you for no reason at all.

Girl provoking boy

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1 She Doesn’t Have a Lot of Friends

Sociopaths obviously possess no friends which is the biggest red flag. Such people live in their own world and too full of themselves to need companions. Because of their destructive nature, they can’t retain lasting friendships and will never even feel remorseful about it. This is one of the signs your girlfriend is a sociopath because you don’t even have an inkling about her past. She will always avoid speaking about it.

Feeling bored

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