12 Clear Signs That Tell You Need To Ditch Your Relationship

9You think your partner doesn’t respect you

Lack of respect doesn’t work in any sort of relation, especially if it’s your relationship with your partner. You may start feeling that your partner always belittles you. Or, you may sometimes feel that your partner is underestimating you. Such feelings get worse when your partner repeatedly tells you the bad things in you. Your partner should believe in you, and never let you feel that you are nothing or you deserve nothing.

You think your partner doesn't respect you

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10You don’t enjoy their company

If you start doing other works even if you are with them, it means that you do not like spending time with them. You would even do household chores or office works that you often really hate. It can take place because you want to run away from them for some causes or you no longer enjoy their company. This may be the best time where you should be honest with yourself, and let the other person know that you want to quit now.

You don’t enjoy their company

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11You feel more alone than ever before

Although it’s all right to feel isolated once in a while, it’s not always acceptable to feel lonely when you are with your partner. Many times you feel that you were very happy before getting into the relationship. You both need to surround each other with love and laughter, and never make each other feel empty. If the opposite happens, make sure you feel that the relationship will not last anymore.

You feel more alone than ever before

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12Your partner insists on keeping your bond a secret

If any of you are not comfortable with showing relationship to the world, this may not be a good sign for your relationship. This is a clear indication that any of you feel ashamed to publicize your relationship to the world. Consequently, you always have to be with someone you do not need to hide.

Your partner insists on keeping your bond a secret

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Do you identify any of these above signs in your past or present relationships? What other signs might you mention to say goodbye to your partner?


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