12 Clear Signs That Tell You Need To Ditch Your Relationship

5You’re the only one who’s trying to get things back on track

A relationship works better when both parties are putting their best in front to maintain and continue the relationship. Nonetheless, when you feel like you’re only trying to pull things back, this is probably the best time to ditch the relationship. Or else, if your partner is not making any kind of effort from their side, you can’t maintain this kind of relationship for very long. Just as a vehicle can’t move without the harmony and cooperation of two wheels, similarly your relationship can’t last longer from your one-sided efforts.

You're the only one who's trying to get things back on track

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6Your partner feels jealous of you

Jealousy is one of the worst things that should never take place in a relationship. And sometimes it can be one of the major reasons behind breakups. If he feels worried when you talk to other guys, or he gets worried when you even mention a man, this might be healthy jealousy. However, when this jealousy comes to you every day, then you should understand that your partner is not sure for you. Insecurity can be one of the common roots that cause jealousy. Therefore, you only need to be comfortable with yourself to end this type of overprotectiveness.

Your partner feels jealous of you

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7You expect your partner to fit your frame

It is better to have a perfect version of your partner that you want to see someday in the future. However, there is no guarantee that your partner will change according to your terms. You know the truth better, change is the only constant. Your partner may fit into your frame of vision, but there is no guarantee that they will not become what they were before. Instead of expecting your partner to change according to your terms, realize if it’s too late to see them changed.

You expect your partner to fit your frame

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8Sex has drained up in your relationship

Your relationship gets better with time, especially if you two maintain a bit of romance in it. Sometimes, the feeling of boredom can override the quality of your relationship. Tickling in a bit of romance will surely accelerate good things in your bond. One might say that if there is no enthusiasm between the couples for their sex life, the relationship may end soon. Your frank conversations about sex life usually give you a better chance to get much closer to each other.

Sex has drained up in your relationship

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