12 Clear Signs That Tell You Need To Ditch Your Relationship

Maintaining relationships is not the easiest thing for us, especially when numerous things are happening every day in them. We all certainly want a strong and healthy relationship, but unfortunately, we can’t control the things going wrong in it. Finding the red flags in a relationship can be more challenging for you because you are putting your best to maintain the relationship.


However, this type of relationship can get so suffocating that you will only have very negative ways to follow. So, we want you to be familiar with the following alarming signs that alert you to end your relationship without wasting further time:

1Your loved ones can sense the problems between you two

Sometimes, it can be difficult for you to realize something going wrong between you two because you love your partner so much. However, your loved ones can easily point out things that are going wrong. They do not have the same attitude as you or your partner. It means that they can easily see what is wrong and right. If everyone close to you starts pointing out the things in your relationship, then you should reconsider their points. This may be the easiest sign that can help you avoid a toxic relationship.

Your loved ones can sense the problems between you two

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2You both consider each other needy

If you two meet each other’s needs and desires well, then your relationship can be pretty healthy. But if you sometimes think that your partner is needy or your partner thinks that you are needy, there are a lot of problems. Most modern-style relationships ask two independent people to come together and work out a reasonable partnership. When your partner feels that your attachment to them is only to meet needs, then you should get separated from such a partner as soon as possible.

You both consider each other needy

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3You both are unhappy for a while

Going through bad patches is not a new thing for couples, but if it lasts for a long time, it can spoil the relationship. Though both of you have outside pressure from things like jobs, friends, families, this does not mean that both of you should feel tense or unhappy with each other. Real problems begin to arise when one of you refuses to accept the other’s feelings. Feeling unhappy in a relationship for some time is a clear sign that either you or your partner do not want to continue in the relationship. However, if you two want to be strong together, make sure that you communicate well and put in an equal amount of effort.

You both are unhappy for a while

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4Your partner does not support you when needed

Healthy relationships often involve a mutual desire to see two individuals succeed in their desired areas. But there will is nothing like support or help when neither of you will support each other. Perhaps there was a time when your partner supported you, even if you don’t let them know the problems. But now they do not help you even if you are asking from the front. This is a time when you find yourself very helpless even though you’re in a relationship.

Your partner does not support you when needed

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