11 Differences between real friends and fake friends

Friendship is one of the best parts of life. Your friends would be the people who are going to stay with you, no matter what. That’s what friends are for right? But, there are some people that you call “friends” but will not be there when you are encountering some problems in your life. That is the start of the so called difference of the real friends and fake friends.


That said, certain friends are unquestionably vastly improved than others, you may want to have those that will stay with you for the rest of your life, until both of you grew old together. Actually, it is not about the number of friends that you will have, it is about those who can understand you, stay with you and be there for the worst part of your life and encourage you to try and fight harder.

A genuine friend and fake friend can be difficult to recognize, yet they are altogether different! Genuine friends are individuals you can go to for anything. You know they will dependably be on your side, through thick and thin. Fake companions should be rubbish of the Earth for all the boost they will issue you. Utilize this manual to know if your friends are genuine!


1 Encourage you in every one of your tries

A genuine closest friend will empower you with anything that you attempt! Whether it be taking up square moving, or changing your profession, a genuine companion will be there consistently.

Encourage you in every one of your tries

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2 Love your dorky identity

We all have those dorky things we do all the time. A genuine friend cherishes those things! Actually, in the event that they are a genuine friend they could conceivably join in with you!

Love your dorky identity

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3 Excuse you for anything

Sometimes you royally disappoint. With fake friends, an error can cost you a friendship. Genuine friends will realize that occasionally you’ll flop. They will excuse you on the grounds that they esteem your relationship more than your failure.

Excuse you for anything

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4 Continuously have your back

It isn’t a matter of who is on the other side, what the issue is, or in case you’re in the wrong – a genuine friend will remain by you regardless. They generally are on your side and will battle for you with no inquiries asked. That is exactly what a genuine friend does!

Continuously have your back

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5 Gives you a chance to investigate your hobbies

As we develop, we find new hobbies, and now and then they appear to be extremely contradictory to ourselves! Fake friends will ridicule you and instruct you to stick to business as usual. *cue High School Musical song* A genuine friend will give you a chance to do your thing and urge you to investigate this new piece of yourself.

Gives you a chance to investigate your hobbies

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6 Know all your little characteristics

We all have little characteristics about ourselves (IE: we are grouchy in the morning, we get coy when tipsy, we have an excess of supper rolls, and so on.) that just our actual friends think about. Nobody else knows you truly like your genuine friends. The way that they perceive those little characteristics about you is a decent sign!

Know all your little characteristics

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7 They always stay in touch

Fake friends will just contact you when they need something or need to know some delicious tattle. Genuine friends will reach you wherever and at whatever point on the grounds that they are constantly inspired by what’s going ahead in your life. They don’t need to know the most recent prattle about your relationship. They may very well need to realize what you had for lunch today.

They always stay in touch

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8 They keep your insider facts

In the event that you can trust anybody to not prattle around town about your dim little insider facts, it’s your genuine friends. Fake friends will treat your privileged insights like it’s nothing sacred. A genuine friend values your certainty, and won’t tell anybody.

They keep your insider facts

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9 Genuine relationship

On the off chance that you need to put on truly pleasant garments, do your hair, and verify that you look decent just to hang out – then you know you have fake friends. A genuine friend will give you a chance to come over in work pants with unwashed hair. The most noticeably awful they may do is make a joke, yet they won’t generally mind by any means. They simply need to invest energy with you. Genuine relationship is not measured by how you can look when you hang out!

Genuine relationship

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10 They set aside a few minutes for you

It doesn’t make a difference if they have an hour in the middle of work and their ceramics class, a genuine friend will give you a chance to come over for a drink whenever. It isn’t a matter of time, it’s a matter of they need to invest energy with you, as opposed to having room schedule-wise to themselves.

They set aside a few minutes for you

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11 Continuously have a comforting presence

An enormous contrast in the middle of genuine and fake friends is the means by which they manage your good and bad times. In case you’re feeling down, a fake friend will praise you fumblingly on the shoulder and attempt to change the subject. Your genuine friends will wrap you in their arms and hear you out fat throughout the night, on the off chance that you need them to. Genuine friends are there for you, whether you’re glad or miserable.


In case you’re attempting to choose whether your companions are certifiable or not, ideally this aide helped you decode which sort of friends you involve yourself with!

Continuously have a comforting presence

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