10 Ways Parents Unwittingly Encourage Misbehavior in Their Children

In today’s time, playing the role of parents is also not an easy thing. Whether the child does something right or something wrong, but their results are only for their parents. Parents will be praised if children are behaving well, but parents may be questioned a little more when they start behaving badly. Even if it is true that parents are responsible for the gestures and qualities a child possesses, parents should not be solely blamed for bad behavior in children.


Sometimes, children perceive bad behavior as the best way to communicate their emotional state and needs. On the other hand, it can be an indication that parents are doing something that encourages bad behavior in them.

Let us try to identify some ways that parents involuntarily use to boost bad behavior in their children.


1Unusual conflicts between the parents

Children have a very developing brain that always keeps them excited about doing mischievous things. If there are more conflicts between the parents, then children would like to ignore one parent and accept the talks of others for backup. Your child will petition everyone personally until they get the answer they want. They can act as a rebellion against your authority when they feel that you are unfair or too strict with them. Parents need to expose their children to new rules in a much friendlier way to help them become humble.

Unusual conflicts between the parents

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2Parents are very critical of their children

Constant criticism can make anyone feel frustrated and upset, especially when children have to face constant criticism. When parents expect only perfection from their children, criticism will be one of the consequences. If the children are not listening to them or insulting their decision, then the parents will start criticizing them. In addition to this type of behavior, destructive behavior of parents will also promote stubbornness and other bad qualities in children. This is the reason parents need to be very polite while asking their children to do something.

Parents are very critical of their children

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3Parents give their children a lot of options

Most children naturally have a lot of questions, especially when it comes to choosing one of the many things. Too many choices can overwhelm a child. Since they will not be able to select the best one, they will end up in a mess and confusion. In rare cases when a child picks up one of the many things, it may be unacceptable for parents. If parents do not allow them to take that unacceptable thing, they will think that their parents are untrustworthy liars.

Parents give their children a lot of options

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4Parents try to treat their children more friendlily

Some of the cool parents in the world will try to handle their children in a friendly way, to avoid bad behavior and stubbornness like things in their children. But unfortunately, the risks of this particular behavior outweigh the paybacks. This type of parenting style is very easy to follow, but it does not treat children well. Some experts also believe that children will lose the respect of their parents due to this parenting style. There can be a conflict of decision-making when children and parents try to be much friendly with each other.

Parents try to treat their children more friendlily

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