10 Things Men Do That Can Melt a Woman’s Heart

Modern women sometimes believe that men of chivalry and loyalty exist only in films or books and that there is a lack of gentlemen in the world. However, this is not entirely true as there are more gentlemen still alive in the world. Women around the world certainly accept and prefer men who can make some small romantic gestures and things to make them feel what exactly they want.


We do not doubt to say that there are countless real heroes whose little effort melts a girl’s heart. Here are the best things a man can do that probably melt the hearts of more and more women:

1Make her laugh

A feeling of boredom and loneliness takes place in everyone’s life. So, we all need someone who can bring a smile to our faces during that tough time. Gentlemen with a killer sense of humor are rare to find, but women seek such men who can put a smile on their faces. And indeed it’s a difficult thing to make a woman laugh, especially with simple words and talks.


Men with a better sense of humor seem to be more intelligent and creative. But making a woman laugh doesn’t necessarily that mean you have impressed her.

Make her laugh

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2Always protecting her

Feelings of protectiveness can easily melt anyone’s heart, especially if it is about being protective for your girl. Every woman notices how a man protects her. A true gentleman always knows how much or less they should be protective of their women. Then, they are never overprotective. If she accepts going out with a man, it means that she is completely comfortable and confident that her man will protect her from all unforeseen consequences and situations. This is truly one of the pinnacle gestures of a real gentleman.

Always protecting her

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3A kiss on her forehead

A kiss on the forehead is probably the most meltable thing women are expected to get only from true men. Every woman feels so safe and feels worthwhile when she gets kisses on her forehead. A real man humbly expresses his feelings and love by kissing on the forehead. And that means that he is very attached to his girl. In return for this sweet and small gesture, she would love him twice as much as he loves her.

A kiss on her forehead

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4Spending time with the people she loves

It’s probably the easiest thing for women to find someone who likes them and wants to spend time with them. But it is rare and infrequent for her to meet someone who loves her family. Women know that those who have genuine feelings for them will beyond doubt love their family and loved ones. The gentleness of men will naturally accept a woman’s family just like his own and will form a very good bond with her entire family. Every small gesture toward her family shows that he values and loves everything that means significant to her.

Spending time with the people she loves

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