10 Things Couples Should Do Before Going To Sleep

When we talk about the things that couples do before going to bed, it does not necessarily mean sex. Relationship experts advocate that couples should spend some quality time together before sleeping. As a couple, you both need to enjoy each other’s company, talks, and even jokes. Though it doesn’t matter if you spend a few minutes or an hour together, make sure you give each other enough time before bedtime.


We’ve put together a list of some common but effective pieces of advice from relationship experts. And those tips can help you be happy in your marriage:

1Never bring work problems at house

If you regularly check your phone for work-related emails, it will not create a healthy environment in your bedroom. When you are in bed with your partner, try to forget about your work. Pillow talks connect you and your partner emotionally, helps forget problems, and make you both feel better. Not avoiding talking about work, financial problems, and other things can make your spouse a little more anxious and stressed. Just talk about you, your partner, and your family. That’s what happy couples do.

Never bring work problems at house

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2Say no to social media

One of the common things that make couples feel stressed is social media today. Social media dependence can suppress the release of the oxytocin hormone in your body. This particular hormone is essential for emotional bonding and intimacy. Therefore, the use of phones and social media before bed not only spoils your relationship but also destroys the oxytocin hormone. Psychotherapists advise you to turn off your phone and turn them away at 9 or 10 pm.

Say no to social media

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3Follow a good bedtime routine

If you follow the same bedtime routine every day, then you can get better sleep. When you follow a familiar routine, it helps prepare and approach your body for sleep. On the other hand, if you change your bedtime routine every day, it can be difficult to feel comfortable in your bed. Adhering to the same bedtime routine with your partner makes your relationship more intimate and trustworthy. Don’t try to change your bedtime customs, especially if you want to be top on the list of happy couples.

Follow a good bedtime routine

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4Sleep at the same time when your partner sleeps

Unhappy couples may prefer to sleep at different times but this is not a good idea. Though both of you have different routines throughout the day, it makes no sense if you sleep at different times. According to psychologists, happy couples go to bed at the same time and they brush their teeth together as well. This little thing from you two can help to maintain the intimacy and warmth of your relationship. And so, make sure that you are not awake when your partner is sleeping.

Sleep at the same time when your partner sleeps

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5Avoid heated conversations before bedtime

Arguing on any subject before going to sleep is certainly not a good thing. No matter how heated the conversation is getting, make sure you calm everything down within minutes. Fighting in bed will never help couples solve their personal or professional problems. When you become part of a heated argument before bedtime, it will be harder for both of you to fall asleep. If you do the opposite of it, then you should be prepared for having depression and stress the next day.

Avoid heated conversations before bedtime

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