10 Signs That Tell You Your Relationship Is Over

6Your partner always sees the negative in former happy memories

When your partner constantly points out the negative in formerly happy memories, it may be that they are struggling with something or they could possibly be questioning your relationship. This behavior is a potential sign that something is wrong and you should have a discussion about it. Sometimes your partner may just need some extra support because they have been dealing with an issue all on their own.

Your partner always sees the negative in former happy memories

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7Your partner’s mind drifts off elsewhere when you’ll are together

When you and your partner are spending time together but they are mentally and emotionally somewhere else, then your relationship might be winding down. “You should ask your partner about their behavior. Always use ‘I’ statements and don’t come across as whiny or blaming. Let them know that you want to better understand their actions. Ask them directly if they are pulling away or don’t want to be in a relationship” Kristie Overstreet explains. Overstreet suggests that you should let the relationship go if you have to constantly convince your partner that they want to be in the relationship.

Your partner’s mind drifts off elsewhere when you’ll are together

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8You feel it in your gut that things aren’t going smoothly

If you have a gut feeling that things haven’t been going well with your partner, then you may be onto something. In this case, it would be good if you bring this up with your partner to find out what could be going wrong. Psychotherapist, relationship coach, and divorce mediator, Toni Coleman said “Even if they become quiet, or get angry or distant — this is information. It means they are feeling defensive and uncomfortable with the topic, often because they are avoiding dealing with your upset and hurt feelings and any conflict they could lead to”.

You feel it in your gut that things aren’t going smoothly

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9They aren’t really sure about marrying you

If your future plans don’t line up towards marriage then marriage is not for them, but, it certainly is for you, and it means that you may be headed in different directions. Stefanie Safran, a matchmaker and owner of Stef and the City explained- “If your partner says that they don’t want marriage, listen to what they are saying. Just to assume that because their family likes you, you’ve dated for years, or you move in together, does not mean they are looking for something permanent”. You might want to be married someday and start a family of your own. But, if your partner tells you that they aren’t interested in marriage, it would be better to believe them.

They aren’t really sure about marrying you

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10Your intimate life changes

One of the signs of a breakup is when a couple’s sex life changes. However, it is fairly normal for a couple’s intimate life to change over time in a healthy relationship. Coleman says that “Any change in level of interest, desire to connect, and overall attraction says that someone is not as into you as they were”.

Your intimate life changes

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