10 Signs That Show a Man is Falling in Love With You

5He loves your weirdness

When he is in love with you, he will love all your personality traits, even he is going to like the weirdness inside you that others do not like. He will very patiently and graciously react to your crazy behavior. He will have the quality that makes you feel that he is the only person to take you up. Sometimes, your weirdness can be a bit annoying to others but your man will accept it and admire it for a long time.

He loves your weirdness

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6He pays attention to every little thing you say

It can be very difficult to find someone who has the time and patience to listen to you. Also, you do not feel comfortable sharing your secrets and sometimes uninteresting stories with everyone. If your man listens to the stories you tell him and remembers those stories for a long time, it clearly shows how much he values your words. Despite what you have said, he will have a lot of information about you. And this is going to be a tremendous quality to discover today.

He pays attention to every little thing you say

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7He is very protective

Even though men are inherently protective of their women, men will only stay around and protect the women they love and respect. Astonishingly, they know the difference between genuine protectiveness and over-protectiveness. He will always be ready to protect you from any physical harm and he will protect you when you get trapped in a negative situation.


When you see that he is telling you what to do and what to leave, he is using his male mind so that you stay protected from abusive and hateful words from other males. But you can’t call it jealousy.

He is very protective

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