Relax!! Your Zodiac Sign has not changed. It was a hoax and this is the reason why


For all those getting upset over a news article trending in several websites that astrology charts have changed, RELAX!!! It’s all a hoax. Your zodiac has not changed. The biggest reason put forward by such false reporting is the dead give away that NASA said so!! Since when has NASA started involving itself with astrology? NASA issued a very blunt statement to this effect via its Spokesman Dwayne Brown “NASA studies Astronomy not Astrology. All those worrying out there should realize that NASA is a space agency spending millions of dollars on astronomy and space research. They are definitely not going to spend that money playing Harry Potter.

Talk about the classic case of catching the bull by the tail this fiasco ended up with many websites catching the bull by something else instead. They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing and thus NASA’s new astronomical charts have been misinterpreted to causing a ruckus that peoples Astrology charts have changed. What’s worse is the introduction of a 13th sign called Ophiuchus which is absurd. This is how the so called theorists have been debunked.

1 Astrology dates back 3000 years with an established system of Zodiac

Astrology is an age old science conceived and dating back 3000 years ago to the ancient Chaldeans and Babylonians. Astrologers of that era were privy to the same star formations as you see today. Ptolemy in the 2nd century established the tropical zodiac with its starting point originating from the line of the sun which commences from the Vernal Equinox which is Aries. As a result this had no bearing on the earth’s shift in axis which was described by NASA. NASA had outlined in its children’s section that constellations may be in a slightly different location due to the shifting of the earth’s axis. Read Constellations!! Nothing about zodiac signs.


As a result of Ptolemy’s calculations, this shift had no bearing on the tropical zodiac. He also used names for signs that were similar to constellations. So now do you understand what the hoo haa is all about?

Claudius Ptolemy

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