Your plane can be hacked in midflight. A mystery revealed

One security researcher has posted his analysis regarding in-flight happenings. He says that “Within the plane, whatever the equipments are used to gain access to satellite communication networks are freely available. These are not restricted only to the plane staff rather these are accessibly opened like the sea and the sky.”

Then why does not the plane hack? Thus, there left no reason to claim the reason for hacking in midflight. But what actually the case is? Let’s have an extensive view of the real gadget that happened.

1 A Confession of Security Researcher

A security researcher, Chris Roberts, confessed that the hacking is possible in midflight through aircraft computer systems engraved within the plane. Even there came a point where he narrated that the plane started to move sideways as a consequence of being hacked though entertainment system.

During investigation, still there exists a doubt regarding whether it can be happened in the closed plane while flying or not. However, some experts have presented their findings that now planes are more exposed to internet during plane drives. Thus, the cyber threats must be apprehended earnest to overcome.


When Chris Roberts arrives at New York Airport, he was grabbed by the question of his experience of plane hacking in the mid flight. To serve the problem, Robert visited FBI to have discussion on in-flight entertainment systems. According to the document, Robert made use of cable to have laptop connected with the electronic box resided under the passenger seats. By hacking command on plane control system, he posted that he felt the lateral movements of aeroplane while it was flying.

A Confession of Security Researcher

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