Your birth order decides your fate! Learn how it happens


According to some researchers birth order is as important as genetics and gender. Being younger, older, the middle child or being a single child determines how your parents will raise you. It will also decide the level of responsibilities and expectations will be imbibed in you.

That’s the reason for the stereotypes when it comes to birth order and personalities: like the older child is the bossy one, the younger child is the baby of the family, the single kid does not sharing things and is kind of a loner and the middle child- well he has no chance of anything because he is stuck in the middle.

Now here are the main characteristics related to each birth order.

1 Oldest Child

Oldest children tend to be more determined to achieve success. As most of the parents are excited about their first child, the child also feels the burden of their expectations. They also tend to seek approval from people in charge.

Character Traits

First born are natural leaders. They are also the responsible ones. They tend to be more reliable and have perfection as second nature. They tend to emulate the elders of the house and like to take charge from their elders. First born children tend to do people pleasing work, in order to gain words of praise. First born people are also tend to be risk free and won’t even try to do anything physically daring.

Oldest Child

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2 Middle Child

Middle Children tend to get less attention from almost everyone in the family. They also blame that the elder children tend to get all the advantages and the youngest is showered with all the love form everyone. Hence they tend to grow up as great negotiators in order to get what they want.

Character traits

The middle children are most independent of all their siblings. They tend to be excellent readers of people as they have deal with both elder and younger siblings. They also play peacemakers in the family and can be rebellious in nature. But one thing is guaranteed, they will be exact opposite of the older child in nature.

Middle Child

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3 Youngest Child

Being the youngest child is not all fun. You are compared to both your older siblings who have more experience than you and are bigger and better. Being the youngest in the family also has more members catering to your every whim and wishes and can make a child spoilt and brattish.

Character traits

The character traits of youngest sibling is kind of rebellious and outgoing. They know they can get away with most of their antics and use that to manipulate people according to their wishes. They are oblivious to the struggles of their older siblings and enjoy freedom that they have. They are also more creative; in order to avoid comparison with the older siblings, choose a complete different path of career.

Youngest Child

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4 Only Child

Being an only child gives one everything an older child gets. Their personality tends to be more aggressive and driven as they have to shoulder all the expectations of their parents.

They can be highly critical of themselves in pursue of high level of perfection. Being alone gives them a high level of imagination as they have themselves to pass time with as a kid. Also they are better at developing friendships with older kids as they have experience of dealing with older people.

Only Child

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